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June 26, 2023
The major release focuses mainly on a major update to Symfony 5 and supports PHP 8.1, but it also brings several user-facing changes and exciting news for developers. Read on for more information.
June 19, 2023
We are seeking proposals from providers to offer trials to potential adopters of Mautic. Learn more and submit your proposal.
June 14, 2023
Mautic has claimed the top spot in the 'Marketing Automation Software' category at the 20i FOSS Awards!
June 12, 2023
The newly updated integration plugin with URL shortener replaces the current core plugin, which is not working since 2020. It is also based on a core modification that introduces a service to make Mautic integrable with any URL shortening service.
June 07, 2023
If this is your first time contributing, you might be asking: what can I help with? We organize our ideas and plans in our Jira board. We divide our workload by teams and special projects. Find your tribe and start right now!
June 06, 2023
Here we have our second Open Startup report where we dig into how we've been doing in May 2023.
June 05, 2023
The processes involved in finding, accumulating, and courting potential clients on LinkedIn are referred to as lead generation on LinkedIn. This post outlines 6 ways in which you can do it to grow organically and profitably while forging closer bonds with your leads.
Read Mautic's first Open Startup report for April 2023.
Mautic will be sharing its metrics on a monthly basis following the Open Startup model.
April 18, 2023
Mautic is going to be changing its governance and creating a new organizational structure. Read more about what this means for Mautic in our blog post.