Strategic Initiatives

Initiatives are groups of people coming together to work on a particular area of focus.

Below are the current strategic initiatives for Mautic core, in alphabetical order.

Strategic initiatives are maintained by the Project Lead and are grounded in:

  • User insights - Initiatives that are based on what users of Mautic tell us is needed
  • Product vision - Initiatives that move us closer toward our vision for Mautic being the #1 choice for marketers
  • Market insights - Initiatives that are required for Mautic to remain competitive in the Marketing Automation world
  • Community discussion - Initiatives which have been discussed and validated in the Mautic community

1. Installation and upgrade experience

  • Documentation and tutorials
  • Pre-flight checks and warnings (similar to the Mautic 3 upgrade script)
  • Improve the GUI upgrade process

Forum thread:

Slack channel: #i-install-upgrade

Confluence page Jira Initiative

2. Mautic Marketplace

  • Decoupling plugins from the core Mautic package
  • Implementing a simple, one-click process to install and uninstall plugins
  • Enable developers to easily provide updates and users to be notified when available

Forum thread:

Slack channel: #i-mautic-marketplace

Confluence page Jira initiative

3. Resource management

  • Allow the import/export of campaigns
  • Allow archiving resources no longer in use
  • Allowing full data sets in imports/exports

Forum thread: Centralised thread to be created, sub-task threads include:


Slack channel: #i-resource-management

Confluence page Jira initiative

4. Campaign Library

  • Enable the import/export of campaigns
  • Create a library of campaigns enabling marketers to quickly get started using best practices

Forum thread:

Slack channel: #i-campaign-library

Jira initiative

5. 2022: The Year of the Contributor

  • Improve the onboarding process for new contributors
  • Explore ways to engage Mautic users and encourage them to contribute to Mautic
  • Recognise and retain our existing contributors

Slack channel: #i-yotc

Jira initiative

6. Promote Mautic

  • Growing awareness within Open Source circles of Mautic
  • Sharing Mautic with the wider world
  • Growing adoption and awareness of Mautic in the marketing automation industry

Slack channel: #i-promote-mautic

Jira initiative

7. Mautic Next Generation

  • Creating the next generation of Mautic

Forum thread:

Slack channel: #i-mautic-next-generation

Confluence page Jira initiative

Previous initiatives

Composer support (2021)

  • Allow Mautic to be managed via Composer
  • Easier installation and updating of Mautic and dependencies
  • Supports innovations like the Mautic Marketplace

Forum thread:

Slack channel: #i-composer-support

Confluence page

Email & landing page builders (2021)

  • Develop more robust options for creating emails and landing pages
  • Provide more configuration and customisation options that are user-friendly

Forum thread:

Slack channel: #i-builders

Confluence page