Tiger Teams

Mautic Tiger Teams are small multidisciplinary teams of (3-6) contributors who take ownership and responsibility of a well-defined area, in or related to the Mautic product, in an holistic way.  They not only cover considering features but also issue handling, documentation, providing input on future directions etc.

Mautic Tiger Teams are maintained by the Product Team but interact with other teams directly.

They consist of developers and, typically, non-developers too, and will act as key stakeholders in their areas of responsibility. Any bugs, features or initiatives that relate to their area of speciality will have the Tiger Team sign off as part of the 'definition of done'.

While Initiatives are directed towards a single larger achievement, and limited in time, Tiger Teams are longer term structures that exist to support the growth and sharing of specialist knowledge in the many features and functionalities of Mautic. They may be contributing to several initiatives at any point in time, or none, depending on whether their expertise is required.

Tiger Teams may relate to a specific aspect of Mautic - for example the Campaign Builder or Email deliverability - or to a particular specialism such as User Experience or Accessibility.

Process for forming a Tiger Team

  1. Identify and define a need for the team by creating a team charter
  2. Identify potential members to start the team (ensure a diverse, multidisciplinary team ensuring that at least one end-user is included)
  3. Propose the team formation by creating a post in the Product Team forum outlining the charter and adding to the agenda for the next Product Team meeting