Mautic Releases

Mautic releases follow semantic versioning applying a time-based model:

  • Patch versions are released monthly,
  • Minor versions are released every three months (in August, November and February),
  • Major versions are released annually when required in May.

Check out the release process for further details.

Latest Stable Release

  • The 3.x series was first released in June 2020
  • Recommended for most users
  • Includes the latest features
  • Easy to upgrade to newer versions 

Development Release

  • Will be released on the 19th April 2021
  • Suitable for testing forthcoming release in a development environment - check out the 3.3 branch to get the latest updates before release
  • May contain unreported bugs 

Mautic Release Schedule

Maintained branches

Bugs are fixed in the branch relating to the latest branch (currently 3.2) and are regularly merged into the features branch. 

Minor releases are managed in the features branch.

Major releases are managed on a branch corresponding to the release version.

If installing by cloning or downloading a .zip Github for development purposes (use a release package in production environments) you must utilise tags to check out a specific version.

For more information see our release process.

Maintained Branches

Features - Minor releases (e.g. 3.1, 3.2)

3.x (e.g. 3.1, 3.2, 3.3) - Corresponds to all patch releases relating to the minor release

4.0 - Work on Mautic 4