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The latest release of Mautic is available as a zip file below. For another format or to see the files first, take a look at the Github repository. Questions? Check out the quick start guide or head over to our forum, or Slack where you can interact with our community and find answers to many of the challenges you might face.

Make sure your server meets the system requirements before installing.

While Mautic is and will always be free to download and use, it really helps us to move forward faster if we're able to support initiatives, projects and community sprints. You can help with this by making a donation (one-time or regular, large or small) on Open Collective or GitHub Sponsors .

Thank you for supporting this awesome community!
Is is strongly recommended that Mautic is not installed on shared hosting. This is because shared hosting often has resource limitations which prevent Mautic from working effectively and can cause problems with updates. Please use a Virtual Private Server or a Dedicated Server.  Need help? Check out the Mautic Community Partners Directory.