Meet the Mautic Council

The Mautic Council is a representative group forming the hub of decision-making for the Mautic community. Comprised of elected members, it is tasked with guiding the strategic direction of the Mautic project, making policy decisions, and overseeing the various aspects of the project's functions. The Council's purpose is to provide a structured environment for effective collaboration, ensuring the ongoing growth and success of Mautic as a leading open source project.

Meet the Council 

Photo of Andy Towne. He's wearing a pale coloured suit with a white shirt and patterned white tie, and a white flower arrangement in his button hole. He's a white man with short blonde hair and a beard and moustache. He's smiling at the camera with trees in the background.

Andy (he/him) lives in Boston, Massachusetts USA and first discovered Mautic when he became an Account Executive for Mautic, Inc in July 2017 after he found the company on LinkedIn.  He currently works for Acquia and contributes to Mautic as a marketer, providing feedback on features and new enhancements using his knowledge gained from working with larger implementations of Mautic at Acquia.

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Photo of Dominique. He's a white man with short dark hair and a beard and moustache. He's wearing a pale shirt and is smiling at the camera in front of a white background.

Dominique (he/him) lives in Gent, Belgium and came across Mautic through his extensive involvement with the Drupal project. He is co-founder and CEO of Dropsolid, a company which specializes in building Digital Experience Platforms using Open Source technology. He contributes to the community as a corporate sponsor and speaker at events, and through strategic advice.

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Photo of Ekke. He has short grey hair and is wearing a headset with a microphone and is smiling at the camera. He is wearing a black hoodie with white strings and is photographed in an office environment.

Ekke (he/him) lives in Hannover, Germany and first came across Mautic in 2016 when someone asked for an integration with the TYPO3 CMS, which his agency Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing specialize in.  Ekke has been contributing to Mautic as Team Lead for the Community Team and by enabling his staff at Leuchtfeuer to contribute during their work time.

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A photo of Favour, she is a black woman wearing a yellow polar neck jumper and clear-framed glasses with her hair tied back. She has her left hand raised to her face and is photographed against a black background.

Favour (she/her) lives in Lagos, Nigeria and first encountered Mautic back in 2021 when she was looking out for an open source community to contribute to and found the Season of Docs project which Mautic was participating in. She was drawn in by the passionate and welcoming community who wanted to help each other to succeed. She works as a Frontend Engineer and Community Lead at DevCareer and mainly contributes to Mautic through the Education Team with documentation writing, and the Community Team as a co-organiser of Mautic Meetup Lagos and MautiCamp Africa.

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Photo of John Linhart in front of a large expanse of water with trees on either bank. He's a white man and is clean shaven, wearing a peaked cap and a hoodie with the hood up and is looking past the camera to the right.

John Linhart (he/him) lives in Prague, Czech Republic and came across Mautic in 2014, when working for the founder of Mautic, DB Hurley, on other project. He was asked to work full time on a secret project called Mautic alongside Alan Hartless. He currently works for Acquia as Principal Engineer and contributes to Mautic as part of the Core Team, reviewing proposed code changes and supporting developers who are using Mautic.

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A photo of Norman against a purple background. He's a white man with short dark hair and a beard and moustache. He's looking up to the sky and has an ice axe in his hands which he is wielding with both hands.

Norman (he/him) lives in Annecy, France and first came across Mautic in 2015 when his company Webmecanik started to provide Mautic in a hosted capacity, with the philosophy of sharing back with the community their work. He has been a contributor to Mautic in many ways including leading the Product Team for three years, helping with testing and reviewing contributions and writing documentation.

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A photo of Prateek, he's an Indian man, clean shaven with dark mid-length hair wearing a black blazer and a checked white and blue shirt. He is smiling at the camera and is photographed against a white background.

Prateek (he/him) lives in Jaipur, India and first encountered Mautic in 2020 when he played a pivotal role in migrating a major tech company from Marketo to Mautic which included creating plugins and advocating for open source solutions. He works at Axelerant and is a dedicated advocate of Mautic, having spoken at many Mautic and Drupal conferences.

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