Prateek Jain

A photo of Prateek, he's an Indian man, clean shaven with dark mid-length hair wearing a black blazer and a checked white and blue shirt. He is smiling at the camera and is photographed against a white background.

Get to know Prateek Jain

Full name

Prateek Jain (he/him)

Where do you live?

Jaipur, India

What languages do you speak?

English and Hindi

When and how did you discover Mautic?

My journey with Mautic began in 2020 when I played a pivotal role in migrating a major tech company from Marketo to Mautic, crafting plugins, and advocating for open-source solutions.

Since then, I've strategized Marketing Automation for prominent agencies, established multi-tenant Mautic solutions, and pioneered a dedicated Mautic team at Axelerant.

Who do you work for currently?


How are you involved with the community currently?

I am a dedicated advocate for the Mautic community, fueled by a passion to give back and contribute meaningfully. My decade-long involvement in open source communities has also equipped me to understand their dynamics.

I've significantly contributed to Mautic through various channels, including speaking at various events including Mautic Conferences, Drupal Conferences, and also writing articles for the Axelerant blog about Mautic.

What excites you about your role on the Council? Why did you feel called to serve in this capacity?

I am thrilled about my role on the Mautic Council due to my strong commitment to the Mautic community, my desire to make a significant contribution, and to realize the ambitious goals we all share for Mautic.

How do you envision Mautic evolving in your tenure? What are your goals for Mautic?

I bring valuable contributions to the Mautic Community Council:

Enhance Mautic’s Capabilities: With a focus on Marketing Automation strategies, I understand how agencies' CMOs leverage these tools, and I bring that knowledge to enhance Mautic's capabilities.

Product Development Contribution: I plan to actively contribute to shaping the product development roadmap, ensuring that Mautic evolves in line with industry needs and trends.

Enhance Community Collaboration: My extensive experience in the open-source community for over a decade provides me with insights into effective community collaboration and growth strategies that I use to encourage better community involvement.

Cross-Platform Insights: As a leader of DXP practice, I closely follow other solutions like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, HubSpot, and Pardot. I plan to bring valuable insights and comparative perspectives to enrich discussions in the Mautic Council.

When you're not doing Mautic things or working, how do you enjoy spending your time?

When not working, I enjoy quality time with my family, playing cricket, or sitting in my favourite chair with a good book.

Where can people connect with you?

Instagram & Threads: