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Welcome to our vibrant family of innovators – the ones who dare, who make a difference, who are shaping the future of Mautic! Our members, both individual and corporate, form the lifeblood of this project, making valuable contributions, driving innovation, and helping the community thrive.

To those already joined, THANK YOU!

To the prospective members visiting this page, we invite you to be a part of this exciting journey. Join us, help shape the direction of our project, and be recognized for your contributions.

Membership is not simply support – it's participation, ownership, growth, and above all, making a difference.

We are more than a community. We are pioneers pushing the boundaries of possibilities, and we are doing it together.

Come, join us, and let's build the future, today!

Corporate members

As a Corporate Member of the Mautic community, your business stands to gain a host of exclusive benefits that extend beyond contributing to the evolution of a powerful open source platform. Your membership offers unique access to a network of industry professionals, increased visibility within the community, and a direct say in the platform's development decisions.

More than just championing open source culture, you elevate your industry credibility, fostering stronger relationships with customers and partners who appreciate commitment to open source initiatives.

We have the following tiers available:

Want to know more? Need an invoice for your accounts? No problem, drop us an email at [email protected] and we're happy to help!

Diamond members

Gold members

Silver members

Bronze members

Community members

Individual members

If you use, work with or just like Mautic, you should become a member of Mautic. Your membership helps us to keep the lights on, to drive projects forward and to support people working on Mautic.

As a member you also gain the right to vote in elections and decisions on the Community Portal, serve on the Council or as a Team Lead, and engage with our General Assembly.

It's $100 per year, but you're also able to pay a pro-rated rate based on the country you're registered in for tax purposes (see or even to qualify through the contributing route. Check the governance model for more information.

Become an individual member here.

  • Joey Keller
  • Robin Tindall
  • Stephan Luckow
  • Matthias Reich
  • Julio Roldós
  • Norman Pracht
  • Prateek Jain
  • Yash Khuthia
  • Tejas Navghane
  • Lenon Leite
  • Leon-Elias Oltmanns
  • Esther Okafor
  • Alan Gibson
  • Dirk Spannaus
  • Pierre Ammeloot
  • Jan Linhart
  • Sven Döring
  • Javier Quilez Cabello
  • Zdeno Kuzmany
  • Avinash Dalvi
  • Saurabh Gupta
  • Rahul Dhande
  • Mike Brinson
  • Malik Merchant
  • Mohammad Abu Musa
  • Richard Quatier
  • Tom McLellan
  • Alan Hartless
  • Ekkehard Gümbel 
  • Rahul Shinde
  • Felipe Diaz
  • Favour Chibueze
  • Mattias Michaux
  • Julie McAveeney
  • Madlen Friedrich
  • Patryk Gruszka
  • Abhisek Majumdar
  • Eddie Christian Aguilar Kleimann
  • Ruth Cheesley
  • Eric Greenberg
  • Lenoardo Schuler
  • Dominique De Cooman
  • Andy Towne
  • Simran Sethi
  • Rohit Pavaskar
  • Mike Van Hemelrijck
  • Katz Ueno
  • Jose Colmenares

General Assembly

The General Assembly is where decisions are taken on everything that has to do with the governance of the project. All members are members of the General Assembly.