Meet the Mautic Security Team

To contact the Mautic Security Team please send an email to [email protected] - do not contact members of the team on an individual basis.
John Linhart Photo
John Linhart
David Coutelle Photo
David Coutelle
Norman Pracht Photo
Norman Pracht
Matthias Michaux
Mattias Michaux
Photo of Ruth Cheesley facing the camera wearing a dark blue shirt with pale green accent.
Ruth Cheesley
Zdeno Kuzmany Photo
Zdeno Kuzmany
Photo of Mohit Aghera
Mohit Aghera
Photo of Lenon Leite in a garden. He is a white man with short dark hair and a full beard and mustache. He is smiling at the camera and wearing a white hoodie.
Lenon Leite

Provisional members

Provisional members are folks who have recently joined the Security Team and are getting oriented and onboarded within the team. Usually after a few months the team will vote to make the member a full member of the team, assuming that their performance has met expectations.

Photo of Patryk, a white man with dark brown short hair, wearing a dark blue coat with a black rucksack and with black circular ski goggles on. The background is showing snow covered trees and he's looking upwards to the right.
Patryk Gruszka
Photo of Nick Van Praet, a white man with a beard wearing a peaked cap and a checked shirt, holding his hand up to the peak of the cap as if about to remove it.
Nick Vanpraet