Next Generation

Mautic Next Generation is a full rewrite of Mautic’s codebase.

It’s the Mautic you love, but supercharged.

A brand-new interface, much greater scalability and performance, as well as a rock-solid foundation for innovations and new features marketers will love.

With a migration path from the current version of Mautic.

For the more tech-savvy users: we are looking at an API-first approach potentially based on API Platform which allows you to seamlessly integrate Mautic in your existing Digital Marketing landscape, as well as a brand-new UI based on React or similar.

This page will become a central resource for information about the planning, projects and sub-projects once we get the initiative underway. We will be adding more information over time.

If you want to know more and get involved in this initiative, please join #i-mautic-next-generation on Slack.

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