Open Startup Report #15 - May 2024

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED June 14, 2024 · UPDATED June 14, 2024

Key points

  • Lower than expected income from corporate sponsors has been somewhat offset by the first Mautic Conference Global sponsorships arriving
  • We continue to see growth and new contributors being onboarded which is a positive sign of growth
  • Mautic's adoption continues to grow around the world both from download rates and also from detected Mautic tracking on live websites
  • There are two possible proposals in progress for the in-person MautiCon locations - Miami, USA and Lisbon, Portugal.



This month we've started to see income from the Mautic Conference Global sponsorship, with a Gold and two Bronze+ sponsors signing up already - thank you Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing, Druid and Droptica!

We've also seen several new individual memberships and ongoing monthly contributions via both GitHub and Open Collective. No corporate memberships this month, but several are in the final stages of negotiation so we're expecting to see a stronger outcome next month.

Description Amount
Event sponsorship $4,000
Monthly sponsors $1,861
Individual membership $295
Total $6,156


This month has been a fairly stable month when it comes to expenditure, the only out of ordinary transaction being sending our thank you sticker packs to new contributors around the world. It's great to see the delight that these little notes and stickers bring to our new contributors! Please do share on social media when you receive yours (and if you've not yet started to contribute, learn how you can at

Description Amount
Employment $8,872.22
Host fees $575.60
Infrastructure $364.73
Payment processor fees $255.71
Swag $80.99
Total $10,149.25



A big thank you to all the organisations who have contributed to Mautic in May!

These organisations are making Mautic and helping to grow our awesome community.!

🔎 You can always take a look at the data for the last 90 days via this link: Mautic | Last 90 Days and you can now view this month’s report here: Mautic | Monthly Report for May 2024

⬆️ = Increase from last month
⬇️ = Decrease from last month

Most active companies:

Dropsolid 251 (⬇️ 32.53%)

Acquia 141 (⬇️ 61.37%)

Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing 103 (⬇️ 44.32%)

Friendly 54 (⬆️ 22.73%)

Moorwald | Sven Döring 33

Devsadda 27

Sales Snap 19

Webmecanik 18 (⬇️ 70%)

Comarch 16 (⬇️ 69.23%)

PreviousNext 16

Top contributing companies:

Dropsolid 58 (⬆️ 8.33%)

Acquia 41 (⬇️ 48.10%)

Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing 17 (⬇️ 22.73%)

Devsadda 16 (⬇️ 38.46%)

Webmecanik 14 (⬇️ 26.32%)

Comarch 7 (⬇️ 58.82%)

Friendly 4 (⬇️ 20%)

Moorwald | Sven Döring 4

4success 2

PreviousNext 2

Contributions are as defined here with the addition of Jira issues being closed as completed, GitHub Pull Request reviews and Knowledgebase articles being written or translated, which we track through Savannah’s API.

Want to appear on this list? Get contributing, and drop me a line with your company name, domain and the folk who work for you and we’ll make sure that you are attributed correctly!


Most active members:

Anderson José Eccel 153

John Linhart 125

Ekke Guembel 56

Joey Keller 54

Rembrand 40

Nick Vanpraet 33

Sven Döring 33

Lenon Leite 27

Rahul Shinde 27

marcus42 22

Top contributors:

Anderson José Eccel 35

John Linhart 33

Rahul Shinde 16

Zdeno Kuzmany 13

Rembrand 10

Ekke Guembel 7

Peculiar Umeh 6

Patryk Gruszka 5

Patrick Jenkner 5

Joey Keller 4

Welcome to our new contributors this month 💖



Abhisek Mazumdar


Hugo Prossaird

Renan William Alves de Paula

Lukas Pokorny


Top supporters:

Ekke Guembel 2

Joey Keller 2

John Linhart 2

Lenon Leite 1

ncmon 1

Zdeno Kuzmany 1

Mattias Michaux 1

chamilton 1

Renan William Alves de Paula 1

marcus42 1

Supporters are folks who have had conversations with people directly before they make a contribution, so most likely helping with that process.

This month we had 9 new contributors :rocket: (⬇️ 43.75%) and 80 new members joining the community !💖 (⬇️ 1.23%).

Usage of Mautic

Since the launch of the Mautic Trials we've seen a strong uptick in the number of people we have joining our Mautic mailing lists, alongside a steady growth in the number of people downloading Mautic.

So far to the end of May, over 700 people have started a trial of Mautic, averaging around 400 signups per month. While these are predominantly from companies with under 10 employees, we're starting to see more interest from larger companies.

We continue to learn from the data we're capturing in the Mautic trials, including having recently implemented in-app analytics using the open source tool Posthog which is helping us to undertand how people explore the product once they log in.

Composer installations also continue to grow, and as we're improving our documentation we hope that we will continue to see more instances that are powered by Composer.

Usage stats

We're continuing to see a steady trend of growth when it comes to Mautic downloads through, and through composer the growth continues since March 2024.

There are now just over 44,000 sites tracked online which have the Mautic tracking code deployed:

Chart showing cumulative growth in sites with Mautic tracking active.
Cumulative number of live sites with active Mautic tracking by date Mautic tracking first detected. Source:

We continue to see a strong quarter on quarter percentage growth of sites with Mautic tracking deployed when compared with previous years, which is hovering around the levels we had back in the early days of Mautic's first release.

chart showing the quarter on quarter growth of Mautic tracking scripts deployed on website by date first detected.
Quarter on quarter growth of sites with Mautic tracking deployed by date first detected. Source:

Community Health

This month we're continuing to see more people giving back to Mautic, with 212 contributions made by 46 contributors.  It's great to see more businesses stepping up and enabling their team members to spend time each week giving back to Mautic, as this is a much more sustainable basis on which to grow our project than relying on people's spare time. Thank you to all the organizations who have taken this important commitment to Mautic's growth!

We've also seen plans getting off the ground for the next MautiCamp Africa in Nigeria, and possible proposals for the next in-person MautiCon being prepared for both Miami, USA and Lisbon, Portugal.

Towards the end of the quarter we expect to be advertising for some of the leadership team positions which are coming up for the end of their terms, so keep an eye on social media and the Community Portal for opportunities to step up and play a part in Mautic's future!


All in all, it's been a positive month for Mautic with a lot of excitement building in the run up to the next Mautic Conference Global event. Fundraising from corporate memberships has slowed somewhat, but we're making progress. We're also working hard to get the 5.1 release out, which will hopefully be during June.