By DB Hurley · Published Mon, 12/11/2017 - 23:50

There are so many exciting ways to get involved with the Mautic community. Want to find other Mauticians to hang out with, find someone to help with a project, or find a plugin to extend your Mautic platform? Then take a look at the links below.

The Mautic community is a global community which can be found and joined through a number of ways. We have organized the different channels here so you can easily find them and get connected quick.

Mautic Forums

Our Community Forums are a place to ask questions, give advice, and get to know others. Sign up now and begin getting more involved in the amazing Mautic community. Note that new users need to be active for 3 minutes and browse 3 topics before being granted reply or create topic privileges.

Join the Mautic Forums

In the forums we have several local communities - by country and by language.

Mautic in your country

If you want to connect with others from the same country as you, visit the International - By Country forum.

Mautic in your country

Mautic in your language

If you want to connect with others who speak the same language, take a look at the International - By Language forum.

Mautic in your language

Don't see your country or language represented? Add a message on the relevant category and one of the team will create it for you!

Slack Chat

Mautic uses the awesomeness of Slack to provide quick chats between groups and interactions between people. Read this post to understand how we use Slack with the forums.  Remember, all support requests, questions, ideas and feature requests should be posted on the forums.

Join the Mautic Slack

Want to know how Mautic works as an open source project? Check out the Community Portal.

Community Portal

The Mautic Community Portal is where we centralise everything to do with running our community. Whether it be holding elections to bring in new leadership, to team and working group meetings, to debating proposed changes, it's all happening on the Portal. You can use your forums username to log in.

Join the Community Portal

Want all the latest news from Mautic? The blog is the place to be!

Mautic Blog

The Mautic blog is a centralized location where you can find relevant posts from various parts of the Mautic community. Are you a writer? Consider volunteering with the blog. Join the Marketing Team chat on Slack and follow their forum for more information.

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Want to meet others living near you (or speaking the same language and meeting online, perhaps)? Mautic Meetups are what you're after!

Mautic Meetups

Everything's better with friends, and with a Mautic Meetup you can find others that share your love for Mautic. Local Mautic Meetups are your opportunity to learn more about all you can do with open source marketing automation. Find one near you! Online Mautic Meetups are here for folks who might want to meet with people far away but with shared interests - for example, German language speakers and the Women of Mautic meetup.  Can't find one near you? Why not start one?

Browse Mautic Meetups

Want to bring a conference to your local area? MautiCamps are regional conferences organized by a local team


Where there is a strong presence of regular Mautic Meetups locally, the community may decide to organise "MautiCamp" - a local conference about Mautic. We don't have any planned currently but watch this space!

Twice a year Mautic organises an official conference - one online, and one in-person.

Mautic Conferences

We are organizing Mautic Conferences both online (Mautic Conference Global) and in-person (each year for a different continent). Latest details are on If you would like to get involved, please join #mauticon on Slack (get your invite at