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By DB Hurley · Published Sun, 07/19/2015 - 16:42

Mautic is a community. We help each other and we work together to improve ourselves and the Mautic software.


Individual email support is pretty much impossible when trying to help a global community. The best way to get support is to check the support forums where you may find someone else already has a solution to your problem or you can post a new thread and get feedback from others. You can also look through the documentation for answers if you prefer to discover things on your own.


If you think you’ve found a potential security threat within Mautic please follow these quick steps on reporting that problem:

1. Verify the issue is a security issue.
Lost passwords, lost access, additional features, or random bugs are not considered security issues. Also does not host anyone’s platform, provides the platform which users can install on their own server. therefore has no control over who uses the software or how they choose to use it.

Please review our security advisory policy to make sure that the issue you have identified is actually something that we would resolve as the open source project.

If your issue is a security issue please continue to step 2.

2. Report the issue
Please follow the procedure that you will find outlined here.

Getting Involved

There are many ways in which you can be involved with Mautic. Please review these areas on the Get Involved page.