John Linhart

Photo of John Linhart in front of a large expanse of water with trees on either bank. He's a white man and is clean shaven, wearing a peaked cap and a hoodie with the hood up and is looking past the camera to the right.

Get to know John Linhart

Full name

John Linhart (he/him)

Where do you live?

Prague, Czech Republic

What languages do you speak?

English, Czech

When and how did you discover Mautic?

2014, after working for DB Hurley (Mautic's founder) part time for a couple months on other projects, he asked me to work full time on a secret project called Mautic with Alan Hartless.

Who do you work for currently?


How are you involved with the community currently?

My work at Acquia include interaction with the Mautic community as well as working on Campaign Studio, an optimized Mautic version for enterprise scale.

What excites you about your role on the Council? Why did you feel called to serve in this capacity?

I was with Mautic since its infancy through all the growing pains. I know all the architectural choices that turned out weren't optimal. I want to avoid the mistakes we did in the past and steer Mautic to a state where it is a secure and stable platform for marketers that want to deliver way better experience for their audiences and saving their time in the process with automation.

How do you envision Mautic evolving in your tenure? What are your goals for Mautic?

1) Modern codebase using standards that any PHP developer can quickly start making changes on.
2) Lean core that can be easily extended.
3) Grow the ecosystem of plugins.
4) Keep adding automated tests to ensure better stability.
5) Encourage more individuals and companies to take advantage of Mautic and became active in the community.

When you're not doing Mautic things or working, how do you enjoy spending your time?

Family time, yachting, woodworking, 3D printing

Where can people connect with you?