Dominique De Cooman

Photo of Dominique. He's a white man with short dark hair and a beard and moustache. He's wearing a pale shirt and is smiling at the camera in front of a white background.

Get to know Dominique de Cooman

Full name

Dominique De Cooman (he/him)

Where do you live?


What languages do you speak?

Dutch, French and English

When and how did you discover Mautic?

I learned about Mautic online through my involvement in the Drupal community and growing awareness of the need to provide a full digital experience platform to our customers.

Who do you work for currently?


How are you involved with the community currently?

Mostly through the business Dropsolid runs with Mautic, and through conference where I speak about Mautic.

What excites you about your role on the Council? Why did you feel called to serve in this capacity?

I believe Mautic is not an island and to be really successful I believe it has to join other open source projects to form what is called the open Digital experience platform (DXP).

I believe Mautic will be even stronger if it joins forces with communities like Wordpress, Drupal, Typo3, ... and leverages the overall open source community to increase its adoption.

From a product perspective it would be able to leverage these other open source CMS communities its developers to enhance the product. Imagine every Drupal, Wordpress, Typo3, ... developer also contributing to Mautic?

From a marketing perspective, making itself part of other products amplifies its adoption. Imagine every time a Wordpress or a Drupal is installed as a DXP Mautic is part of it? ๐Ÿ˜Š

So in short I believe Mautic is an essential component of the open source eco-system and it is worth growing and protecting.

How do you envision Mautic evolving in your tenure? What are your goals for Mautic?

1. An expanding adoption of Mautic

2. Bridges with other open source ecosystems.

3. New opportunities to package and sell Mautic like for example as part of the open DXP

When you're not doing Mautic things or working, how do you enjoy spending your time?

I like to spend my free time with my family and in meditation

Where can people connect with you?