Exciting Changes Ahead: Rethinking Resource Management in Mautic

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED January 29, 2024 · UPDATED January 30, 2024

A significant change is coming to Mautic! 

We have heard your feedback and have decided to revamp the way we organize resources in Mautic. Our main objective is to make it easier for users like you to quickly find and collate resources related to a specific context — such as a project or a marketing campaign.

Our existing tagging interface and categorizing system have served us well, but we acknowledge that there is room for improvement. That's why we are taking a fresh look at our categorization system to truly cater to your needs.

What’s Changing?

Over the next few months, we will undertake a transformative project that will introduce some key changes to the Mautic platform:

  1. Global-Based Categories: We are moving away from entity-based categories (for instance, categories exclusive to emails, or pages) to incorporate global-based categories. This shift to a more inclusive categorizing system will provide you with greater flexibility and control over your resources (and hopefully be less confusing!)
  2. Multiple Categories Per Entity: With this feature enhancement, you will be able to assign more than one category to a resource. This enhancement will increase the system's versatility and allow you to better manage crossover resources – like assets which belong to multiple projects or marketing campaigns, for example.
  3. Category Nesting: This feature will give you the power to nest categories within each other, further enhancing the tool's organization capabilities.
  4. Front-End View: Finally, we will introduce a new front-end view that displays the entities and sub-categories within a category in a user-friendly, intuitive layout.

We are also considering adding features in future updates, such as an archived state to remove and unpublish resources – helping to reduce server load – and offering rolled-up reporting by category.

This initiative will evolve iteratively over several months. You can track the progress at our project’s roadmap page.

Participate in Mautic’s Evolution

For those interested, we have laid out the upcoming changes in the project brief where you can also quickly find any meeting notes relating to this project. 

Issues will be created on Github in the coming weeks for developers to work on. We have also initiated a bounty fund currently sitting at $1000 for the whole initiative. You can contribute to this cause here. If you are a developer and interested in contributing, you can learn more about contributing to Mautic here, and working with the bounty programme here.

We Want to Hear from You

Your insights and feedback are what drives Mautic’s growth. As we embark on this exciting new initiative, we value your thoughts, ideas, and solutions. Please share them with us at each stage of the process, as they could potentially influence our development roadmap.

Finally, thank you for being part of the Mautic community! With your continued support and contributions, we strongly believe we can make Mautic an even better, more intuitive, and efficient platform for all users.