Announcing Mautic 5 Release Candidate-2 and revised date for General Availability

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED December 19, 2023 · UPDATED December 19, 2023

Today we've made an important update in our journey towards Mautic 5. Building upon the previous Release Candidate, we've taken into consideration your feedback and insight and have been striving to make Mautic 5 even better. Today, we're excited to announce the availability of our Mautic 5 Release Candidate 2 (RC2) for testing!

Why a Release Candidate 2?

Since the release of the first Release Candidate a month ago, we've made a substantial number of revisions. These modifications are primarily focused on eliminating old code and enhancing the quality of the existing code. While our priority has always been the stability and performance of Mautic, we also value cleanliness and efficiency of our codebase. A streamlined code structure helps us ensure the platform's scalability and maintainability.

Most of this work was done by Thomas Votruba from Rector who contributed an astounding 60+ pull requests to improve Mautic using Rector. Massive thanks to Thomas for this work.

Given the broad nature of these revisions, it's critical that we perform more rigorous testing than usual to ensure stability, hence the decision to release an RC2.

When is the General Availability release coming?

We're planning to release the General Availability on 9th January, assuming all goes well with testing and documentation.

We need your help

Now, we invite you, our awesome Mautic community, to take part in this crucial stage of testing. Your input and insight will allow us to identify any issues that need attention before the final release. By participating in the testing of RC2, you are directly shaping the final version of Mautic 5 and helping us make it the most robust and stable version we've ever had.

How to get involved

To participate in testing, simply download the Mautic 5 Release Candidate 2 here if you want to work locally, or follow the instructions at for using Gitpod to test in the cloud. For any bugs encountered, please report them via our GitHub issues after searching to ensure it's not already been reported, ensuring you mention that you're testing the RC2.

We are incredibly grateful for your continued support and assistance in this process. The collaborative testing of RC2 represents our commitment to providing the most reliable and effective marketing automation platform out there.

Thank you in advance for your active contribution to our community testing!