Announcing the New User Experience and User Interface Tiger Team at Mautic

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED December 08, 2023 · UPDATED December 08, 2023

We're excited to unveil the formation of a new Tiger Team within the Mautic project – the User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI) Tiger Team. A Tiger Team is a small group of individuals who are specialists in a particular area of Mautic or, in this case, a skill or expertise which can support the whole project.

This community-driven initiative is focusing on not only streamlining and codifying our design operations, but elevating Mautic's UX/UI to align with the latest industry standards.

This fresh team is to be spearheaded by Anderson Jose Eccel, a Brazil-based industry expert who operates the forward-thinking agency Idmotion. The UX/UI Tiger Team's mission is to provide advice, consultation, and expertise to the Mautic project when introducing new features or planning changes.

This group of experts won't just be a reactive force; they'll also actively pursue strategies and formulate plans to improve Mautic's UX/UI, helping us to keep our finger firmly on the pulse of contemporary trends and standards.

Our Mautic users can look forward to improved onboarding with clean, straightforward interfaces, and an overall enhanced user experience.

Let's hear from the Tiger Team lead himself:

Mautic is not just an automation platform; it's a means of bringing success not only to the businesses where it's applied but also to the intermediaries: marketers worldwide who use Mautic and make it their own pathway to success.

Regarding this new team’s formation, the Product Team Lead, Mattias Michaux shared:

Mautic has stood out as a versatile and powerful solution for marketers, enabling them to create personalized campaigns, automate marketing processes, and gain valuable insights into their strategy's performance. However, the key to Mautic's ongoing success lies in the user experience and the interface we provide to these professionals.

Our commitment is clear: to enhance the Mautic user experience, making it more intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly. We understand that marketers worldwide rely on Mautic to drive their campaigns, achieve outstanding results, and meet their goals. Therefore, it's essential that our platform is accessible and effective for everyone, regardless of their level of expertise.

At the core of all this, we recognize that our success as a development team is intrinsically tied to the success of our users. When marketers worldwide achieve their goals through Mautic, we consider it a victory. And that's what drives us to keep enhancing the Mautic experience, so our users can achieve and surpass their goals with ease.

We are excited about Mautic's future and committed to ensuring that it remains a valuable and essential tool for marketers everywhere.

Adding to that sentiment, Mautic Project Lead, Ruth Cheesley shared:

I’m really excited to see this Tiger Team getting off the ground - the user experience in Mautic is not that dissimilar from the heady days of Mautic 1.x and we’re long overdue for an overhaul. 

Anderson has stepped up to take on leading the team (no small task!), and we’ve already got several motivated and inspired people who are keen to ensure that Mautic is brought up to spec and indeed keeps ahead of the curve, so watch out for some proposals coming soon to modernize the user interface and start to address accessibility issues that have long been neglected.

The formation of the UX/UI Tiger Team is a testament to Mautic's willingness to innovate and strive for excellence, reflecting our ongoing commitment to our vibrant community's needs and the broader open source software ecosystem.

To learn more about the team, please follow the Assembly on the Community Portal and join us on Slack in #tt-ux_ui.