Q3 2023 Mautic community roundup

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED October 04, 2023 · UPDATED November 03, 2023

Another quarter of significant change in the Mautic project, we've lots going on in many different areas.

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Project governance updates

  • We have now successfully transferred all trademarks and domain names from Acquia to Open Source Collective, which are now held on behalf of the Mautic project.

  • After extensive discussion and revisions in the Governance Working Group, a new Governance model was proposed which was reviewed and adopted by the existing Community Council.

  • The new governance model focuses on a precise approach towards decision making, with the General Assembly¬†and Council established as the key decision making bodies.

  • We have launched membership tiers providing individuals and organizations the opportunity to be part of the Mautic community through¬†several different ways including practical (individual only) and financial contributions.

  • We continue to¬†share Open Startup reports every month which can be¬†reviewed here:¬†https://www.mautic.org/tag/open-startup.

News from the community

  • The Mautic Developer Days and Community Sprint took place successfully in July 2023 in Vienna, with various teams working on a range of community growth projects¬†alongside Mautic 5 work.

  • The Community is¬†consistently growing, with new members signing up¬†and growing contributions even though there was a slight slowdown owing to the holiday season.

  • New local meetups are getting started in Barcelona, Spain, and Douala, Cameroon, boosting local engagement and building enthusiasm in these regions.

  • The introduction of the General Assembly and a new tier-based membership model has been positively received by the community, fuelling growth and collaboration.

Product updates

  • The Mautic 5.0 alpha version saw extensive testing and bug-fixing during the Developer Days¬†and during Open¬†Source Friday¬†sprints, focusing on¬† implementing¬†Symfony Mailer and Messenger¬†as well as dealing with other deprecations and regressions that have been picked up in testing. A revised timeline to release has just been announced with the aim being that the General Availability will be launched at the beginning of November.

  • Mautic is experiencing a steady rise in its downloads and its prevalence is growing with many more websites including Mautic tracking over the last quarter.

  • A new community portal has been established to facilitate better collaboration a more transparent decision making, with the intention to centralize all things community and replace other existing proprietary tools for things like meetups.¬† This is due to launch in the coming weeks.

Financial updates

  • The Mautic community has notably doubled the amount of financial supporters compared to the same period last year.

  • Acquia began providing financial contributions,¬†boosting income¬†which has offset some delays in receiving funds through GitHub sponsors.

  • The newly launched membership model brought in several individual and corporate members, supplementing Mautic‚Äôs income. This will be a primary focus in the coming quarter as we move towards financial independence.

  • Multiple new revenue streams are being established to support the community's ongoing growth, including the establishing of a new official trial provider which will be launching next quarter, and providing a revenue share back to the community for any converted paying customers.

Let's look at the numbers

We've had 455 active members this quarter,  which represents around 12% reduction on last quarter.  Numbers are however remaining relatively stable in the longer term,  whereas ideally we want to see this growing where we have a lot more members being active each quarter. We're starting to work on this in the marketing team, and would value your help and ideas!

We've seen our traditional dip in contributions over the summer months which has impacted this quarter somewhat, however we still have had 474 contributions this quarter from 74 Contributors, 31 of whom were new contributors.

A chart showing all contributions from January2020,  showing a general upwards trend since 2021

Most active contributors

Over the last 90 days the most active contributors (based on the number of conversations) have been:

Joey Keller    317
Jan Linhart    295
Mattias Michaux    192
Robin Tindall    132
Ekke Guembel    111
Bill F    110
Matic Zagmeister    91
Zdeno Kuzmany    88
Sven Döring    83
Michael Wolman    70

Most engaged contributors

Our most engaged contributors (based on the number of connections they have made with others in the community) have been:

Joey Keller    275
Michael Wolman    146
Jan Linhart    145
Dirk Spannaus    122
Robin Tindall    115
Matic Zagmeister    110
Norman Pracht    105
Mohammed Abu Musa    91
Zdeno Kuzmany    80
Oluwatobi Owolabi    79

Top contributors

Our top contributors this quarter (based on the number of contributions they have made) have been:

Jan Linhart    99
Mattias Michaux    47
Zdeno Kuzmany    37
Joey Keller    18
Volha Pivavarchyk    17
Patryk Gruszka    13
Patrick Jenkner    13
Dennis Ameling    10
Robert Parker    9
Tomas Votruba    8

Most active companies

The companies who were most active in the Mautic Community (based on the number of conversations) are:

Acquia 345
Friendly 317
Dropsolid 226
Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing 222
Webmecanik 164
Lead Genius 132
Matic Zagmajster s.p. 91
Moorwald | Sven Döring 83
Surge Media 70
Aivie 67

Top contributing companies

The companies who are contributing the most to the Mautic Community (based on the number of contributions) are:

Acquia 117
Dropsolid 53
Webmecanik 44
Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing 39
Aivie 25
Friendly 18
Comarch 18
rectorphp 8
Matic Zagmajster s.p. 6
Surge Media 4

Looking forward

  • Implementation of the new governance structure in full swing with all the necessary infrastructure, tooling, and workflows are being put into place.

  • Expect a surge in community participation and financial contributions due to the newly launched membership model.

  • In light of various challenges and platform fees, Mautic is considering moving solely to Open Collective for fund collections.

  • In November we are expecting the rollout of the General Availability Mautic 5.0 release.

  • Mautic aims to sustain its growth trajectory by attracting more individual and organizational members, increasing product adoption, and uplifting its impact within the business ecosystem.