Mautic's new chapter: fueling open source innovation through the General Assembly

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED August 11, 2023 · UPDATED October 15, 2023

At Mautic, we believe in the power of community and the immense possibilities of open source thinking. 

Today, we're excited to announce a turning point for Mautic - the unveiling of our new governance model, designed for passionate open source champions like you. This shift gives you the unique opportunity to become members of our General Assembly, where you can actively contribute to shaping Mautic's future.

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The General Assembly: Where Your Voice Matters

The General Assembly is the heart of Mautic’s governance structure. It is the platform where critical decisions that guide our future are made. This includes the election of our Community Council, establishing or dissolving teams and refining and updating the governance model itself.

Whether you're an innovator wanting to make your mark or a company looking to extend your influence within the open source community, you now have the chance to take part in this transformative journey. All while redefining Mautic’s open source landscape.

Welcome to the new Mautic.

Our new governance model brings tiers of membership for both individuals and organizations, providing a meaningful way to be part of Mautic’s exciting growth story.


You're invited to join as a voting member by financially contributing at $100 per year, or at a rate that is proportional to the location where you are registered for tax purposes - find the specific rates here under the Members Calculations tab. 

If you are an active contributor to Mautic or a free, open source Mautic plugin you can also apply to join through the Practical Contributor route, if you prefer.

Not only does this membership make you a crucial part of our decision-making process, but it also signifies your commitment to open source innovation.

Become an individual member on Open Collective here


No matter your organization's size or mission, whether you use Mautic or sell Mautic services or just want to support us as a project, we have a membership tier suitable for you. 

Ranging from Community Membership ($1,200/yr) to Bronze ($5,000/yr), Silver ($10,000/yr), Gold ($15,000/yr) and Platinum ($20,000/yr) with many exciting perks at each tier. Learn more about the additional perks that are offered for each tier in the chart here

As an organization, your membership equips you with voting rights, brings you into our extensive network, gives you brand visibility, and allows participative influence in the Mautic project's evolution.

Become an organizational member on Open Collective here

Drop us an email at [email protected] if you need more information.

Making open source more open

Choosing to become a member of our General Assembly is more than just gaining a membership - it’s planting a flag in the ground for open source advocacy. It's about taking part in a broader movement championing transparency, innovation, and collective growth.

The aim is not merely to craft software but to build an open source ecosystem that thrives on the free exchange of ideas, shared knowledge, and mutual growth.

Your chance to influence

In becoming an individual or organizational member, you wield the power to influence. The decisions made within the General Assembly bear direct impact on Mautic’s journey. As a member, your voice can shape how we operate, how we evolve, and broaden the impact we make within the open source world.

Join Us

Now is your moment to make your mark. Seize this unique chance to help Mautic redefine what open source can truly mean. Be a part of this journey towards a dynamic, more inclusive open source future. More than just a governance model, we envision this as an open call, a beckon for pioneers, innovators, and visionaries like you.

Become a member of the Mautic General Assembly today. Let’s shape the future of open source, together. Embark on this journey with us. Your opportunity to contribute to Mautic’s transformation and the open source world is here.

Will you seize it?


  • What happens if I am an existing sponsor?
    • Existing sponsors will have the opportunity to convert their current sponsorship into an annual membership if they wish to become a member
    • You can decide to continue as a sponsor and not become a member - this will mean that you do not have any voting rights or ability to play an active part in shaping the future of Mautic.
    • You could become a member and continue to sponsor, if you wish!
  • Is it possible to pay on a monthly basis?
    • At this point we are only offering annual membership to keep the administration process simple.  
  • I'd like to become an organizational member but I need an invoice - can you provide me with one?
    • Absolutely, we can provide an invoice. Please reach out to us at [email protected] and we'll get that sorted straight away!
  • What does the money from memberships get spent on?
  • How does the voting work if I am an individual member and have a company membership as well? 
    • Individual members will have one vote in any election or decision making process, and companies who are members also have one vote. You will therefore be able to cast a vote on behalf of yourself as an individual human, and on behalf of your company.
  • Where will the voting take place?
    • We are just in the process of final testing of our new community portal, which will be where we manage all things governance from nominating and voting for Council Members and Team Leads to what product features we want to see coming in later versions of Mautic.
  • How will I log into the new community portal to vote?
    • You will use your existing Mautic Community login. Companies who become members will have a company-specific login created for the purpose of voting.