Q1 2023 Mautic Community roundup

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED April 03, 2023 · UPDATED April 03, 2023

Another busy quarter has flown past, here’s a round-up of what’s been happening in the community!

Read the previous reports here for Q4 2022, Q3 2022, Q2 2022 and Q1 2022.

Q1 2023 Sponsors Shoutout

A big thank you to the sponsors who have supported us this quarter on GitHub Sponsors or Open Collective:

Over $100/mo


Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing



Comarch SA





Media Giant Design

Sales Snap








Under $100/mo


Ruth Cheesley

John Linhart

Avinash Dalvi


Roundabout Media

John R White

Dirk Spannaus

Norma Ochoa

Henry Wisemann


WMD Soluções Digitais


One-time sponsors

Guest ($20)

Guest ($5)

Yosu Cadilla ($5)

モトキ ($5)

We really do appreciate all your contributions - please check if you have in the past contributed on GitHub Sponsors, as a recent change which removed PayPal as a billing method has caused several sponsors to lapse.

Community Team update

Mautic Conference Global 2023 is go!

Over the weekend we closed the Call for Speakers and I’m excited to see the great range of sessions that have been proposed.

The new website has also launched - big thanks to our website hosting sponsors, Siteground.

We are looking for volunteers in the following areas:

  • Designers - to help us design everything from the backdrops on the stage to the forum badges for attendees and speakers to images for social media. Join us on Slack in #design and #mauticon and let us know if you want to be involved!
  • Track leads - to run a set of sessions as MC, introducing the speaker, managing the Q&A process and generally keeping the sessions flowing smoothly.
  • Support team - to help on the day with managing the chat, responding to any questions and escalating any problems to the team
  • Video team - to help with rendering the session videos after the event

Education Team update

Finalizing the new end-user documentation

We have made great progress with the new end-user documentation, with the last few sections being reviewed and merged as we speak.

Translators have already started helping to make the documentation available in other languages through our integration with Transifex - if you would like to help with this you will find the project here. Drop us a line in #translations on Slack if you need an invitation to the team.

We plan to launch this with Mautic 5.

Product Team update

Mautic 5 progress

We continue to make good progress with the work needing to be done to update to Symfony 5.

We have now completed the huge task of completely refactoring every view that is used in Mautic from PHP templates to Twig - a big thanks to everyone who has helped with this project.

Now the team are working on removing old code which will no longer be supported with Symfony 5, and also finalising the work on the new message processing plugins using Symfony Mailer and Symfony Messenger.

We do need your help, as Mautic users, in testing these important updates. Every Friday we have our Open Source Friday sprints where you can step into the #t-product channel and help with testing new features and bug fixes. You will also always find the pinned issue at github.com/mautic/mautic/issues with a list of things that we want to focus on getting tested.

Transition of leadership

When we first formed the governance model back at the end of 2019, we decided that Team Lead roles would have a term of three years. 

Norman Pracht, General Manager of Webmecanik, has done a fantastic job of establishing the Product Team and leading Mautic through these formative years, and with our great thanks, will be stepping back as Product Team Lead from the beginning of next month.

Mattias Michaux, Lead Product Architect at Dropsolid, will be taking over as Product Team Lead after a period of transition where Norman will support Mattias as Assistant Team Lead. I am sure that you will all extend Mattias a warm welcome!

I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to Norman for all of his dedication and enthusiasm to Mautic, and to Webmecanik for enabling Norman to have the time and resources to support the Mautic project. I am sure that we would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for your continual drive to improve Mautic for our users.

Let’s look at the numbers

It has been a great quarter, with ongoing growth in both the number of people who are participating in the community and also those who are taking the time to contribute and make the Mautic project and community even more awesome. It won’t be long before we exceed 7,000 members who have actively participated in the community!

We’ve had 457 active members this quarter, down slightly from 465 last quarter.

We continue to see growth in contributions across the project, and we have been able to make progress in several areas as a result.

Screenshot showing the growth in contributors from small numbers in 2020 to much larger numbers in 2023
Growth in contributions since 2020. Source: Savannah CRM

Most active contributors

Over the last 90 days the most active contributors (based on the number of conversations) have been:

Mohammed Abu Musa575

Joey Keller471

Jan Linhart315

Oluwatobi Owolabi147

Sven Döring146

Bill F145

Ekke Guembel112

Yosu Cadilla107

Joshua Estes105

Norman Pracht100

Read more about what is defined as a contribution here.

Most engaged contributors

Our most engaged contributors (based on the number of connections they have made with others in the community) have been:

Joey Keller324

Jan Linhart168

Norman Pracht141

Michael Wolman135

Mohammed Abu Musa130

Zdeno Kuzmany109


Bill F75

Oluwatobi Owolabi71

Dennis Ameling71

Top contributors

Our top contributors this quarter (based on the number of contributions they have made) have been:

Jan Linhart128

Mohammed Abu Musa105

Joshua Estes65

Zdeno Kuzmany30

Joey Keller30

Mattias Michaux21


Oluwatobi Owolabi16

Norman Pracht15

Volha Pivavarchyk14

Most active companies

The companies who were most active in the Mautic Community (based on the number of conversations) are:

Acquia 1461

Steer Campaign 576

Friendly 473

Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing 201

Aivie 178

Webmecanik 172

Dropsolid 161

Bluespace 147

Moorwald | Sven Döring 146

Lowcost.marketing 107

Top contributing companies

The companies who are contributing the most to the Mautic Community (based on the number of contributions) are:

Acquia 203

Steer Campaign 105

SonsOfPHP 65

Webmecanik 45

Dropsolid 45

Friendly 31

Comarch 30

Aivie 22

Bluespace 16

Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing 13


It has been great to see a lot of energy and progress being made in several teams across the Mautic community this last quarter, with several key projects coming nearer to completion.

We have some exciting times ahead, and I’m looking forward to a continued trend of growth!