Exciting News: A New Integration Plugin for Pipedrive CRM

By Norman · PUBLISHED March 08, 2023 · UPDATED March 08, 2023

Exciting News: A New Integration Plugin for Pipedrive CRM

We're thrilled to announce a newly updated integration plugin with Pipedrive CRM. This replaces the current core plugin which is to be removed in Mautic 5.0. 

The new plugin represents a major change to cover the API deprecation announced by Pipedrive in November, 2022. It allows for seamless integration and opens up new opportunities for our users, and has been written using the updated and more robust Integration Framework for Mautic plugin development

Pipedrive original communication

Most Pipedrive API users should have been receiving the following original message since the API started to drop requests in December 2022.

We have detected that one of your API integrations is still using endpoint(s) GET /persons/find, which has/have been deprecated since March 31, 2021.

We will deactivate these endpoints in three intermediary stages over the next two months.

* Starting from December 13, 2022, 10% of requests to the deprecated endpoints will start failing.
* Starting from January 5, 2023, 50% of requests to the deprecated endpoints will start failing.
* Starting from February 6, 2023, the endpoints will no longer work at all.

Impact on current core Mautic plugin 

Mautic Community users currently using the existing plugin will have seen the integration stop working from February 6, 2023 concerning the synchronization of contacts (persons).

Knowing this, the Mautic Community Product Team has decided to remove the existing plugin from Mautic core on the next major version, Mautic 5.

How to install the new plugin

To install the plugin, follow the instructions on the public repository holding the code which is made available under an Open Source license. You will find two options to install the plugin; using composer, or downloading and installing manually the plugin in your Mautic installation.

Migration: the process we suggest you to follow

  1. Prepare and configure your new plugin
  2. Update your forms, campaigns and point trigger actions
  3. Disable the old plugin
  4. Fully enable the new plugin

Prepare and configure your new plugin

You can find the Plugin configurations under Configuration > Plugins > Pipedrive 2 plugin. This is the new plugin you will use for your Pipedrive integration.

Follow the instructions from the readme of the plugin to enable the features you like and authenticate your Pipedrive account.

Update your forms, campaigns and point trigger

Once your plugin is installed and enabled, if you use any form, campaign or point trigger to push contacts to your Pipedrive integration, you have to delete the previous actions and use the new action provided by the new plugin.

Disable old plugin

It’s time to say goodbye to the old integration ⚰️

  1. In Configuration > Plugins > Pipedrive, disable the plugin
  2. In your Pipedrive configuration, delete any Webhook actions configured
  3. Remove the commands (CRON jobs) of the old plugin

Fully enable new plugin

The show must go on! 🚀

After setting up the plugin configuration in the user interface, you must enable the commands (CRON job) according to the synchronization you expect.

Get news about this integration and/or contribute to it!

If you're interested in learning more about the Mautic Pipedrive plugin and how it might evolve over time, you should ‘Star’ or ‘Watch’ the Github repository containing the plugin: https://github.com/Webmecanik/mautic-pipedrive-bundle.

You can also contribute to it by reporting Issues, suggest your improvements by proposing Pull Requests to it, or Sponsor the project. Maintainers will consider your highly valuable contributions.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to bringing you more exciting updates in the future.

Who is behind the Mautic Pipedrive Plugin

Webmecanik is a Mautic Community partner based in France. The Mautic Pipedrive Plugin is 100% compatible with a standard Mautic Community installation.

The second main community contributor for the last 5 years (see Community contributions reports for 2020, 2021, 2022), you can follow them on Linkedin and read more of their marketing automation tips on Webmecanik's blog.


Norman Pracht is the General Manager at Webmecanik and Mautic Community Product Team Leader.