Grav CMS Plugin for Mautic Released

By John Linhart · PUBLISHED November 09, 2015 · UPDATED November 09, 2015

Grav is a new, exciting, flat-file content management system. We believe that Grav has a great future ahead. The connection between Mautic and Grav makes a great symbiosis. First, let's take a closer look at why Grav is so exciting:

  • Fast, simple. Grav doesn't use database to store articles. It uses only files. One file = one article. It makes sense for a majority of websites. Database is frequently overkill for a basic marketing website. It's striking that the main feature of Grav is that it is missing something its primary competitors (Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal) rely on. This absence however makes Grav crazy fast (faster than 99% of the websites published on the Internet), very simple (no installation process. Just copy the files and play).
  • Markdown. Grav articles have to be written in a format called Markdown. It gained popularity among developers because this common formatting is used by many others, for example GitHub. This is actually a very simple format which looks humanly-readable in plain-text format as well. If you've ever experienced troubles with WYSIWYG editors, then you'll love Markdown.
  • Developer friendly. Grav has focused on being the choice for technically-minded people from the beginning. For the longest time Grav didn't even have an administration area. All administration tasks had to be performed in the code. Now Grav does have a nice administration plugin and over 70 other plugins. Grav uses the Symfony framework similar to Mautic.
  • Opensource. Have you noticed we love open source? Grav is opensource software just like Mautic. It makes us wonder if these two projects were meant to be used together from the very beginning.

Grav seems to be on steroids lately:

Why do we think Mautic and Grav are the best tools to build online marketing project? Grav is a simple and fast tool to build a marketing website. But because Grav doesn't have database, it has its limits. That's where Mautic comes into play. Mautic forms can be used to gather visitor's data and automate marketing tasks.

And finally, the sweet part. We've prepared Grav plugin which helps you integrate Mautic tracking and Mautic Forms into Grav very easily. Read more. Try it today!


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