Dive into Webmecanik: Where Mautic's community vibes meet pro skills

By Sven Döring · PUBLISHED April 08, 2024 · UPDATED April 17, 2024
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Hey marketers, we all get it—balancing the latest tech with keeping things running smoothly is the dream. Enter Webmecanik Automation: a super-smart SaaS powered by Mautic's open-source solution. It's not just a step up in marketing automation; it brings you the best of flexibility, power, and dependability all rolled into one.

Mautic's magic, supercharged by Webmecanik

At the core of Webmecanik Automation is the spirit of Mautic, known for its open-source agility and top marketing automation chops. Webmecanik adds its special sauce, boosting Mautic's core strengths with our performant and easy to use email and page builders. This blend serves up a powerful suite of tools that streamline your work and make user experiences smooth and highly personal.

Stress less with SaaS: Open-source freedom meets solid reliability

Love open-source for its endless possibilities but not so much the upkeep? Webmecanik Automation hits the sweet spot. You get all the open-source freedoms plus the solid backing of a SaaS setup.With our 99.9% SLA promise, say goodbye to the nightmares of downed forms during a big ad campaign. We've got you covered.

Standout features of Webmecanik Automation

Next-level email and page builders

Our advanced builders let you craft eye-catching emails and landing pages without breaking a sweat. Designed for both beauty and brains, these tools pump up your marketing game with creativity and efficiency.

Email Builder

Smart lead staging

Webmecanik's got a slick lead staging system that lets you see where your contacts are at a glance. Plus, our actions help you move those contacts along automatically, based on your rules. It's like having a marketing autopilot.


Even more goodies

We don't stop there. With features like our Owner Manager system and WhatsApp integration, we're making sure your marketing connects and resonates with your audience on a whole new level.


Why Webmecanik is the choice for you

Easy migration

Switching to Webmecanik Automation? Piece of cake. We've got a smooth process for free migration that minimizes downtime and gets you up and running fast.

Always here for you

Webmecanik isn't just a tool; it's your marketing co-pilot. Our support team's always on standby to help, plus you get regular software updates to keep your strategies sharp.

Affordable and straightforward

Our pricing starts at just 400€ a month, with clear rates based on your contact list size. It's a cost-effective way to get a full suite of marketing automation tools that grow with your business. And yep, our prices have been steady for 8 years.

The best of both worlds with Webmecanik

Picking Webmecanik means you're teaming up with a partner who gets the ins and outs of marketing automation. Our 99.9% SLA commitment ensures your campaigns run like a well-oiled machine, blending the innovation of open-source with the support and reliability of SaaS.

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