Mautic Monday: Honda, Panera, EasyJet & Content Marketing

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED November 16, 2015 · UPDATED March 13, 2020

This week in our marketing news round-up we have a great selection of articles for you to review this Monday morning. We work hard to bring you interesting news across a wide variety of industries and this week is no different. We have news from Honda, Panera, and EasyJet. We also highlight an interesting trend we’re starting to see appear in major news media outlets. (You’ll have to read through to the end to see that one.)

Honda finds marketing rhythm

Massive music effort targets hard-to-reach millennial buyers

Honda, as it turns out, also wants to be cool -- cool enough to make an impression on the hundreds of thousands of millennials who pack the park for two weekends every fall. Hence the HR-V on-site and the massive Honda Stage it faces, where popular acts such as The Weeknd, Alabama Shakes and alt-J perform. Honda's presence in Austin is part of a massive marketing effort that uses music to attract the fleeting attention of millennial car-buyers.

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Panera Bread: Marketing Flows Through Cost Of Goods Sold

If you haven't read Panera's update on their Animal Welfare program and new commitments, you might want to check it out. Panera Bread (NASDAQ:PNRA) isn't the only company advocating for the ethical treatment of animals, but they are one of the first restaurants to push so aggressively against the common practices. By pushing against these commonly accepted practices Panera is able to generate goodwill with their target audience. That goodwill serves to bring in customers in much the same way as marketing expenditures.

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Easy Jet Shows Why Customer Intelligence will be Pivotal for Digital Marketing in 2016

It was a well-crafted email campaign, personalised and inspired by a deep-rooted understanding of the customer. A few days ago, I read a blog on the PPC Hero platform, where the author was mistaken segmentation for customer intelligence or insights. Customer segmentation uses conventional parameters like gender, age group, nationality, earning bracket and a few others. On the other hand, customer intelligence goes deeper to more unconventional insights like a customer’s motivations, fears, frustrations and deep-seated habits.

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These three articles all cover different aspects of marketing. Honda is actively seeking to meet their audience where they play and improve their public image by appealing to the interests of their target audience. Panera is handling marketing in much the same way however, rather than just spending money to meet their audience they are taking a more humanitarian approach by not only appealing to the interests of their audience but at the same time improving their business and their world. EasyJet is demonstrating their active approach to customer engagement through listening and responding with personalized marketing and intelligent marketing.

Lastly, we promised an interesting trend we’ve noticed in popular news outlets, you’ve probably seen it, but it may be happening even more than you’re aware. Here’s an example:

Forbes magazine sponsored content marketing

As people become more and more immune to advertising on the web advertisers are seeking new ways to engage with their audience. This marketing strategy is interesting because it requires brands to do more than just create a flashy ad or a catchy tagline. This trend forces more thoughtful marketing. Marketers are now creating content both useful and informational for their target audience. In essence this new trend is simply content marketing being placed on the web where their audience visits. If you’re a marketer you should consider whether sponsored content marketing like this is a beneficial strategy for your brand.

Also, keep in mind that marketing automation involves much more than just setting up a fancy campaign drip flow. You can successfully use marketing automation and the Mautic platform to build personalized marketing strategies and intelligent marketing like what you read about from EasyJet. Curious? You should read more about how marketing automation with Mautic will give you powerful and personalized customer engagement.