Q2 2022 Mautic Community Roundup

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED July 01, 2022 · UPDATED July 01, 2022

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Q2 2022 Sponsors Shoutout

A big thank you to the sponsors who have supported us this quarter on GitHub Sponsors or Open Collective:

Over $100/mth




Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing






Web Any One





Media Giant Design

Sales Snap

Under $100/mth

Avinash Dalvi

Dirk Spannaus

Joey Keller

Roundabout Media

Jan Linhart

Ruth Cheesley

Eli Logan

John R White

Acquia Japan

DT Network


One-time sponsors

Manoj Kumar ($20)

Comarch SA ($5)

Ruth Cheesley ($60)

Beau Enslow ($5)

Magenteiro ($65)

Community Team update

Mautic Community Sprint - Budapest

It has certainly been a busy quarter for the Community Team, organising the Community Sprint in Budapest and more recently, our world conference, Mautic Conference Global 2022.

The community sprint was a great success, with a lot of progress being made in all teams and perhaps more importantly, welcoming new contributors who had never before made a contribution to Mautic, and getting them onboarded.

We also had some great evening socials organized by our local host, Joey Keller, exploring the local restaurants, entertainment and the world-famous thermal baths.

Community sprints are a great way for the community to come together and really ‘get things done’ - everyone who attended left inspired, excited, and with a lot of great memories to treasure.

We are looking forward to the next time we come together!

Mautic Conference Global

We took the decision to change platforms for this year’s Mautic Conference Global, and although it had some quirks, we feel that Airmeet was a far superior experience for attendees, speakers, track leads and sponsors.

With two days jam-packed full of fantastic talks from speakers both within our community and from the wider email marketing world, there truly was something for everyone.

We are planning to release the videos next week - thanks to the great work from our community contributors who have worked tirelessly to get the videos rendered.

Mautic Conference South America

At the end of Mautic Conference Global, we announced that the venue for the next Mautic in-person conference will be in São Paulo, Brazil. 

We are really looking forward to supporting our Brazilian community with holding a great conference in November!

Education Team update

Season of Docs project started

We were delighted to be awarded a grant from the Season of Docs programme this year, and we have hired Technical Writer Favour Chibueze to work for a period of five months on updating, migrating and improving the end-user documentation.

Favour is already working through the content and we value any resources or materials that you feel would be a benefit to be included in the documentation. Please reach out to Favour directly or through the Education Team channel, #t-education.

Knowledge base project kickoff

The Knowledge base has been one of the more neglected areas of our documentation resources, and something that is sorely needed by users of Mautic.

We are in the process of kicking off a new project led by RobM to implement a new, improved and fully multilingual knowledge base. If you would like to be involved in this project, please let us know in #t-education on Slack.

You might be wondering why we have documentation and a knowledge base, and what information should live where. We are adopting the Diataxis framework which will help to guide which resources belong in which locations based on user needs.

Marketing Team update

Substantial progress was made in the Mautic Community Sprint held in Budapest at the beginning of the quarter, with Ivana Rosic from Sales Snap joining the team as a new contributor and several of her team members providing additional support in promoting Mautic Conference Global.

We have moved to a new platform for managing our social media - HeyOrca - which allows for unlimited users and has a robust approval process including working with external stakeholders. This should greatly empower our contributors and remove the existing bottleneck of only two people being able to access the platform.

We are also working on a range of useful, informative articles for the blog, contributor spotlights, and updating the imagery that we use in the community to have a more modern feel.

Product Team update

The quarter got off to a great start with our first ever Mautic Developer Days in Ghent. Held alongside the already well established Drupal Developer Days, we had three full days of collaboration and troubleshooting some of the challenges faced with bringing both PHP 8 and Symfony 5 support to Mautic.

Although we were a small team, a great amount of progress was made, with over 50% of the must-do tasks being completed during the event.

Of course it’s not all hard work - we also got to see the sights and join some of the great social events organized by Drupal Developer Days, including a silent disco in a castle and a board games night!

While we have made a great start on the Symfony 5 update, we do have a lot of work left to do. If you would like to help with this, as a developer or a tester, please do reach out in #mautic-5 on Slack (get an invite at mautic.org/slack).

We have also had two minor releases this quarter, with 4.3 bringing many new features and bug fixes, two security fixes, and support for Acquia’s recently released Custom Objects plugin.

The 4.4 release this week included support for PHP 8.0, and many bug fixes - including some regressions from the previous release.

Focus will now shift toward preparing an alpha release for Mautic 5.0, which is already overdue. We do need more help with this, so if you are able to support a developer to work with our team for a period of time each week, it would be greatly appreciated.

Finally the Product Team are going to be re-launching their regular meetings, check out the updates in #t-product on Slack for more information.

Let’s look at the numbers

This quarter we exceeded 6,000 members in the Mautic Community, with 795 active members who have an average of 11 conversations per member.

Active members

Over the last 90 days, our most active members (based on the number of conversations) have been:

Bill F (748)

Joey Keller (587)

John Linhart (499)

Oluwatobi Owolabi (161)

Norman Pracht (150)

Ekke Guembel (149)

Pierre Ammeloot (139)

Michael Wolman (122)

Matic Zagmajster (119)

Favour Chibueze (117)

Read more about what is defined as a conversation here.

Engaged members

The most engaged members (based on the number of other community members they have conversations with) have been:

Joey Keller (307)

John Linhart (164)

Norman Pracht (141)

Michael Wolman (124)

Pierre Ammeloot (114)

Zdeno Kuzmany (110)

Bill F (99)

Matic Zagmajster (90)

Clark Reeves (63)

Mattias Michaux (62)


When we look at contributions made, this quarter we have nearly doubled the new contributors across all our community channels compared with last quarter - up to 126 from 70 in Q1 2022. In total we have had 718 contributions tracked against 307 last quarter. 

Some of this increase may be attributed to the recent addition of GitHub Pull Requests and completed Jira issues assigned to a user being automatically logged as contributions, and also the speakers and team members at Mautic Conference Global, helping to shine a light on the contributors who are often missed in the statistics but without whose contributions the community could not function.

We are seeing a substantial growth in contribution over time across all channels, especially when compared with historical contributions. 

Screenshot showing contributions over time with a big jump in the last two months.
Source: Savannah CRM


We are continuing to see growth in contributions to our GitHub repositories over time.

Screenshot showing GitHub contributions over time.
Source: Savannah CRM

Individual contributors

This quarter has seen some new contributors entering the top ten list (based on the number of contributions they have made):

John Linhart (53)

Zdeno Kuzmany (26)

Mattias Michaux (17)

Tejas Navghane (17)

Favour Chibueze (16)

Volha Pivavarchyk (13)

Rohit Pavaskar (8)

Miroslav Fedeleš (6)

Dennis Ameling (6)

Mohammed Abu Musa (5)

Read more about what is defined as a contribution here.

Organizations contributing

The companies who were most active in the Mautic Community (based on the number of conversations) are:

Acquia (2231)

Friendly (591)

Webmecanik (273)

Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing (240)

Bluespace (161)

Web Any One (139)

Dropsolid (137)

Aivie (133)

Sales Snap (128)

Surge Media (122)


The companies who are contributing the most to the Mautic Community (based on the number of contributions) are:

Acquia (240)

Webmecanik (50)

Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing (34)

Dropsolid (27)

Aivie (27)

Bluespace (24)

Sales Snap (14)

Friendly (13)

Steer Campaign (12)

Smart Octopus Solutions (8)


It has been really fantastic to meet up - both in person and virtually - with Mauticians from around the world over the last few months. I am struck by the excitement and enthusiasm across the community and the dedication you all have to making Mautic and our wider community even more awesome than it already is.

We do have a lot of work to do this quarter to get the Mautic 5 release ready, and I will be reaching out to organizations in the community for help with getting this important project over the line. We are also working on starting some interesting initiatives, including improving the reporting and analytics features in Mautic, so do keep an eye out for more opportunities to provide input and support Mautic’s growth!