Q3 2021 Mautic Community Roundup

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED October 01, 2021 · UPDATED October 01, 2021

It hardly seems that it was a year ago we were releasing the biggest major update to Mautic with our Mautic 3.0 release, but here we are just over a year later, and Mautic 4 has been released! There have also been some other important announcements, so read on for a roundup of activity across the community.

Q3 2021 sponsors shout out

A big thank you to the sponsors who have supported us this quarter on GitHub Sponsors or Open Collective:

$100 per month and over




Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing







Web Any One


New this quarter:



Marketing Heap

Under $100 per month

Weismann Web

Avinash Dalvi

Eli Logan

Tomas Poner

Joey Keller

Roundabout Media

Jan Linhart 

Khalid Zamer

Ruth Cheesley

New this quarter:

Dirk Spannaus

Product Team update

Mautic releases

It has been another busy quarter as the Product Team worked hard to get Mautic 4.0 released. It was delayed beyond our target release date due to some bugs that were identified during the testing of the Release Candidate, and a lack of community testers.

The first bug fix release was made on Monday, 4.0.1, with nine bugs fixed focusing on forms, in accordance with our new release process.

We also back-ported some security fixes to Mautic 3, which will receive security fixes for six months after the 4.0 release is made. Please update to 3.3.4 if you are not yet ready to update to 4.0.

If you use Mautic and would like to help us to test bug fixes and new features, please do let us know in the #t-product channel on Slack. We can help you get set up to test which will make a big difference! Get an invite to join Slack at mautic.org/slack.

RFP process

We are implementing a new process for feature development, initiatives and larger bug fixes which allows the Product Team to create a brief for a task and developers to share how they would plan to address the brief. Some of these projects will have a budget associated, some may require funds to be raised, others may not be funded. 

Read more about the RFP process here, and check out the opportunities accepting proposals here.

Marketing Team update

Monthly newsletter

The Marketing Team launched the monthly newsletter last quarter and we are seeing a steady growth in subscribers - we hope this will be a helpful way for you to keep in touch with what’s happening in the community!

If you would like to help with the newsletter, we would love to hear from you. Just drop us a line in #t-marketing on Slack.

Social media campaigns

In addition to the newsletter, we have been sharing videos from Mautic Conference Global across our social media channels, highlighting some great sessions and sharing other useful resources. Watching the videos on YouTube will also help us to qualify for monetization of our channel, another useful revenue stream to support the growth of the community, so please do watch them!

Community spotlight

The team supported the Mautic 4 release and have also reinvigorated the Community Spotlight feature, where we highlight contributors from the Mautic Community. This quarter we have featured:

Community Team update

Mautic Conference North America Europe 2021

We shared at Mautic Conference Global that we were planning to hold our first in-person event in Boston, USA, however due to the uncertainty surrounding covid-19 we had to take the decision to move the event to Europe. We will be holding the event in Hasselt, Belgium on 8th November 2021, with a community contribution day on the 9th November and a leadership team summit on 10th November.

The call for speakers is currently open - please submit your sessions before the 10th October. Speakers will have their travel and accommodation covered by the event budget.

There are also several opportunities to promote your organization and support the community as a sponsor, from our tiered sponsorships to bag drops and lanyard sponsors.

Tickets will be going on sale imminently - keep an eye out on social media and email!

New meetup group

We are excited to share that we have a new Mautic Meetup starting in Ghent, Belgium. Organised by Nick Veenhof and team from Dropsolid, we’re really looking forward to their first meetup being a great success!

If you think you’d like to start a Mautic Meetup group in your local area, please take a look at the guidance in our Community Handbook and drop us a message in #t-community on Slack.

Community Survey

We have now closed the community survey - a huge thanks to the 82 people who took the time to fill it out! We will be announcing the results in the keynote during Mautic Conference Europe, and on the blog shortly afterward.

Education team update

Updating the developer documentation

The Education Team has kicked off several projects this quarter, including the task of transitioning our developer documentation from Slate over to Read the Docs, and updating it during the process. This will allow us not only to localise the documentation, but also to version it - thus when we have major releases we can maintain multiple versions of the developer documentation.

The team are open to volunteers helping with this task, so if you’d like to get involved please join #t-education and let us know how you’d like to help!

Improving documentation for installing and upgrading Mautic

Work is also underway as part of the Install/Upgrade initiative to improve the documentation and resources around installing and upgrading Mautic. We hope to greatly improve the onboarding process for people who are completely new to Mautic, so that the whole workflow from downloading and installing through to configuring and starting to use Mautic is as smooth and user-friendly as possible.

We always need people to help with writing and reviewing the documentation, creating visual resources and video, and more. Please reach out to us on Slack if you’d like to contribute in this way!

Legal and Finance Team update

Trademark infringement cases

There are several trademark infringement cases which are being actively pursued, several have now been escalated to enforcement action. This is an important aspect of maintaining our trademark and ensuring that anybody using the Mautic name and brand are doing so in line with the Trademark Policy.

Let’s look at the numbers!

Across all our channels we are continuing to see a steady growth in new members joining our community, defined as folk engaging on Slack, forums, GitHub, Stack Overflow and Reddit.

Screenshot showing a steady growth in new members over the last 90 days

Over the last 90 days, our most active contributors (based on the number of conversations) have been:

Ruth Cheesley (she/her) 1257

Joey Keller 355

Adrian 201

Matic Zagmajster 163

Dennis Ameling (he/him) 135

Ekke Guembel (he/him) 123

Zdeno Kuzmany 115

Nick Veenhof 87

Michael 83

Don Bowman 77

Read more about what is defined as a contribution here.


Our most engaged contributors (based on the number of connections they have made with others in the community) have been:

Ruth Cheesley (she/her) 488

Joey Keller 244

Norman Pracht (he/him) 220

Zdeno Kuzmany 140

Dennis Ameling (he/him) 113

John Linhart 103

Michael 102

Alan Hartless 97

Adrian 91

Mohammed Abu Musa 88


The majority of active members (539 over the last 90 days) were existing members, but we are continuing to see a steady volume of new members engaging for the first time across the community.

Screenshot showing active, new and returning members.

We are continuing to see a fairly steady flow of contributions coming into Mautic across all of our channels. Our top contributors this quarter are:

Ruth Cheesley (she/her) 34

Zdeno Kuzmany 30

Dennis Ameling (he/him) 13

Adrian 12

Joey Keller 8

Nick Veenhof 6

Mohit Aghera 4

Patryk Gruszka 4

Lukassykora 4

Lukas GĂĽnther 4


The companies who are most active in the Mautic Community (based on the number of conversations) are:

 Acquia 1323

 Friendly 355

 Aivie 204

 Webmecanik 182

 Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing 173

 Smart Octopus Solutions 163

 fits4all 135

 Dropsolid 87

 Agilicus Incorporated 77

 QED42 70


The companies who are contributing the most to the Mautic Community (based on the number of contributions) are:

Acquia 50

Webmecanik 36

 Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing 15

 fits4all 13

 Aivie 12

 Friendly 8

 Dropsolid 6

 Agilicus Incorporated 4

 QED42 4

 Smart Octopus Solutions 4


It has been another great quarter in the Mautic Community, and really exciting to see new contributors coming through and making their first contribution.

I’m also really looking forward to our first ever in-person Mautic Conference next month. It will be so great to be in the same room as all the awesome folks from around the world who are using and contributing to Mautic. Please come if you can, and if you can’t, please share the event among your network - let’s make it a sell-out event!

There are so many opportunities to get involved with helping Mautic grow and improve, regardless of your skills or experience level - please do consider setting aside a few hours a week to give something back, and/or contributing to the community through our GitHub Sponsors and Open Collective. Every contribution really does help us to move forward together as a project and a community. Thank you!