Q4 2021 Mautic Community Roundup

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED January 11, 2022 · UPDATED January 11, 2022

Let’s kick off a roundup of all the awesome things that have happened this quarter!

Read the previous reports here for Q3 2021, Q2 2021 and Q1 2021.

Q4 2021 Sponsors Shoutout

A big thank you to the sponsors who have supported us this quarter on GitHub Sponsors or Open Collective:

$100 per month and over




Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing






Web Any One




Under $100 per month

Weismann Web

Avinash Dalvi

Eli Logan

Joey Keller

Roundabout Media

Jan Linhart 

Khalid Zamer

Ruth Cheesley

Giving Tuesday / Back your Stack

On Giving Tuesday, we announced that in our 2022 budget we have allocated funds to support the top 10 open source projects which are dependencies we rely on. The top ten were voted by the community, and have received $200 in donations from Mautic via our Open Collective.

The projects we will be supporting in 2022 in ranked order are:

  1. Twig
  2. Guzzlehttp
  3. Monolog
  4. Sebastian Bergman
  5. Symfony
  6. Predis
  7. League
  8. FriendsofPHP Proxy Manager
  9. Matomo Analytics
  10. ESLint

While we appreciate that $200 is not a huge amount of money, we want to start somewhere by doing our bit to support a sustainable Open Source ecosystem.

Read more about the Back your Stack project in our blog post.

Product Team Update

Mautic Releases

During Q4 we have released two bug fix releases - 4.0.2 and 4.1.1 - and our first minor release in the Mautic 4 series, 4.1.

4.1 release

After an immensely productive sprint at Mautic Conference Europe, we managed to get a large number of features and enhancements released in the 4.1 release, including Gitpod support which enables anyone to spin up a Mautic instance on Gitpod with a new feature or bug fix applied - a massive help for testers!

Read more about the release in the announcement post.

We’re looking forward to the next in-person sprint in the spring!

Coming up we have another bug fix release - 4.1.2 - at the end of January, and then our next minor release, 4.2, at the end of February. We are hoping to have some great new features in this release but we do need help from testers. Please do consider putting some time in your calendar each week to test a couple of bug fixes or features, it would be a huge help! Join us on Slack in #t-product if you need any help getting started.

Marketing Team Update

Welcome Déborah Salves, who has stepped up to take on the Assistant Team Lead role in the Marketing Team!

Mautic Pitch Deck

We have made a great start on the Pitch Deck project, thanks to the many people at Mautic Conference Europe who contributed!

The vision for this project is to empower people to pitch Mautic more effectively, by providing a set of slides which can be used as a whole or within existing presentations.

Take a look at the planning document and the slide deck, and if you would like to get involved with this project please join #t-marketing on Slack.

Community Team Update

Our first ever in-person conference

What an amazing event, our first ever in-person Mautic Conference. We heard from some fantastic speakers on the first day, had some great conversations in the networking sessions and socials, and got an immense amount of work done in the community sprint!

Read more about the event in our blog post here. Videos are being processed and will be available on YouTube soon, be sure to subscribe and click on the bell to be notified the moment they are released.

Community Survey

At Mautic Conference Europe I shared some interesting information from our first Community Survey. It is the first time that we have surveyed users of Mautic to find out things like how and where they are hosting, how many contacts they are working with, and what they think about the product and the community.

Thank you to everyone who responded - you can download the raw data and the charts from the blog post.

New meetup group

We are excited to share that a new meetup group has been formed for French-speaking Mauticians. Based in Libreville, Gabon the first meeting will be scheduled during January.

Join the meetup group to get updates here.

Education Team Update

Updating and re-platforming the developer documentation

Work is well underway to update the Developer Documentation and move it to Read the Docs, which will allow us to both version the documentation (e.g. have a version for Mautic 4, while working on a separate version for Mautic 5 as we’re developing it) and to translate it with Transifex.

If you’d like to get involved in this project, please join us in #t-education on Slack. The repository can be found here.

Updating and re-platforming the end-user documentation

The Education Team is just kicking off a project to update and re-platform the end-user documentation to Read the Docs.

This is in the very early stages, if you’d like to get involved, the repository can be found here - please get in touch on Slack as above.

Integrating the documentation into the main Mautic repository

Once the work in the two projects above is complete, the Education Team is planning to relocate both documentation resources within the main GitHub repository. This will mean that when a new feature is being added, the documentation can be added at the same time. It also means there will be a single place where all of our code and our documentation resides, instead of in multiple separate repositories.

If you’d like to know more about these projects, please reach out to Education Team Lead, Favour Kelvin.

Let’s look at the numbers!

This quarter we exceeded 5,000 members in the Mautic Community, with the majority of the growth coming since 2019.

Over the last 90 days, our most active contributors (based on the number of conversations) have been:

Ruth Cheesley 45

Zdeno Kuzmany 38

Dennis Ameling 26

Norman Pracht 15

John Linhart 14

Joey Keller13

Oluwatobi Owolabi 9

Alan Hartless 8

Matic Zagmajster 7

Adrian Schimpf 7

Read more about what is defined as a contribution here.


Our most engaged contributors (based on the number of connections they have made with others in the community) have been:

Ruth Cheesley 386

Joey Keller 233

Norman Pracht 224

Michael 125

Zdeno Kuzmany 104

Dennis Ameling 88

John Linhart 86

Eli Logan 74

Alan Hartless 70

Mohammed Abu Musa 56


Our top contributors this quarter (based on the number of contributions they have made) have been:

Ruth Cheesley 45

Zdeno Kuzmany 38

Dennis Ameling 26

Norman Pracht 15

John Linhart 14

Joey Keller 13

Oluwatobi Owolabi 9

Alan Hartless 8

Matic Zagmajster 7

Adrian Schimpf 7 


The companies who were most active in the Mautic Community (based on the number of conversations) are:

Acquia 1176

Friendly 407

Webmecanik 317

Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing 206

Dropsolid 175

Smart Octopus Solutions 165

Bluespace 65

Aivie 61

Torontoheadshot 45

QED42 43


The companies who are contributing the most to the Mautic Community (based on the number of contributions) are:

Acquia 78

Webmecanik 53

Friendly 15

Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing 10

Bluespace 9

Aivie 9

Dropsolid 8

Smart Octopus Solutions 7

It2servu.be 4

Digiriders 3


It was really inspiring to see the community coming together for our first ever in-person conference and community sprint last month, and the immense amount of progress that was made as a result of the community sprint. I’m really looking forward to many more in-person and online collaboration events in the coming year.

There are so many opportunities to get involved with helping Mautic grow and improve, regardless of your skills or experience level - please do consider setting aside a few hours a week to give something back, and/or contributing to the community through our GitHub Sponsors and Open Collective. Every contribution really does help us to move forward together as a project and a community. Thank you!

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Just want to thank everyone involved in the ongoing development of Mautic.

Quite a learning curve to install and put into production, but has been certainly worth it.

Keep up the great work!