Mautic Developer Days a great success!

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED April 28, 2022 · UPDATED May 02, 2022

Last week we held our first ever Mautic Developer Days event, co-located within the Drupal Developer Days event in Ghent, Belgium.

The aim of our event was to bring together in person Mautic developers to learn and share, but also to have the opportunity to work collaboratively on some major projects we have coming up.

These include:

  • Updating Mautic to support Symfony 5 - a large project on the scale of the Mautic 3 upgrade
  • Implementing PHP8 support which was blocked by several significant challenges
  • Improving and fixing bugs with the Composer implementation
  • Completing the migration of our developer documentation to Read the Docs
  • Moving forward with the migration of our end-user documentation to Read the Docs

At the event in Ghent we had in total seven attendees supported to attend by Acquia, Webmecanik and Dropsolid with other contributors from Aivie and Steer Campaign supporting the event remotely.

Our progress in numbers:

Now the work starts with testing and reviewing all of these changes - if you can spare some time over the coming weeks please do let us know, we’re happy to help you get set up for testing (which can now all be done completely in the web browser with a pre-created Mautic instance).

We have also addressed some critical blockers which were preventing us from supporting PHP8, and tracked down an upstream change which was breaking our Composer based installations which will be fixed in the upcoming 4.2.2 release.

We will be continuing the work in our Open Source Friday community sprints every Friday, and also in our in-person sprint in Budapest in a few weeks’ time.