Mautic 2.2: In Good Company

By jseevers · PUBLISHED October 04, 2016 · UPDATED October 04, 2016

Not long ago we shared something that we feel very passionate about. That marketing needs to innovate at the speed of your customers. That it’s the expectation of every prospect and company. The relationship that each contact has with their company and the goals they share is not insignificant. It is important for every marketer to have proper context for each contact as it relates to the company they work for. You can call that good marketing, and proper foreshadowing. ;)

It goes without saying that what makes Mautic so powerful is you, the community. Each and every day we hear from people all over the world as they share their goals and aspirations. Leveraging the power of technology to make meaningful connections with their audience. Sharing these goals often result in brand new ideas for features that will equip not only you, but an entire business community with tools that make each connection more valuable.

That’s why we’re excited to share the release of Mautic 2.2.0. Sure we’ve squashed a few bugs and added some new capabilities. But there are a handful of new features that we think will continue to set you and your marketing apart.

Dynamic Email Content:

We introduced dynamic content a couple of months ago in Mautic 2.0, but now there's more. Users now have the ability to vary content in their email based on filters. Instead of creating multiple emails for slightly different messages, you can now save time by creating one email and can insert variations of content into the email! This means that at the time the email is sent, the content will become dynamic. Talk about personalization.

Account Based Marketing:

One of the most vital elements to B2B marketing is the ability to connect people together in the context of a company. We’ve created a new entity called ‘Companies’. Now every contact will be associated to a Company and users will have an all-company view of their contacts. This means not only will you be able to see all contacts associated with a company, but create filters and trigger actions based on company criteria! Now you can focus on nurturing, analyzing and converting a targeted group of accounts (or Companies) and implement Account Based Marketing practices. No more contact confusion.


More tools to show your contacts that you value their time and attention. For contacts subject to frequency limits, emails sent to them are now put in a queue to send once the limit timeframe has passed. You can now specify the priority on your marketing emails and prevent backlogs, ensuring important messages are sent in a timely, and respectful manner. Win, win!

Update to Forms:

The Mautic form experience has been vastly improved! You can now successfully pick a theme to apply to a form. In addition, results of a campaign form can be sent to a specified email address. Page breaks have been added making long forms more achievable. Now data from one form can be written to another! Syncing data between contact fields and forms has also been upgraded. Changes made to contact fields can now be easily written to forms, and values from a form can be transformed and written to contact fields. You can also further personalize thank you pages using tokens.

New Plugins: (coming soon)

As if these features were not enough, we’ve created two plugins for this release. The first is the Gmail plugin. This is a Chrome and Firefox plugin that will reveal timeline data from Mautic right in your browser. Also, when writing an email to a contact, the email can be tracked and written to the contact’s timeline in Mautic by clicking a checkbox. MS Outlook is our second plugin. Emails sent from Outlook can also be written to and tracked in Mautic. Be sure to add this functionality to provide even more contact detail.

Community contributions

As we mentioned above, We get so excited to see our community getting involved in the development of Mautic. This release is no different. We’re thrilled to see a number of features contributed by the community in Mautic 2.2. They include:

  • Ability to filter contacts based on tags
  • Ability to send test emails to multiple recipients
  • Improvements to bounce management and automatic unsubscription capability
  • Ability to identify contacts that are in multiple segments
  • Multi select fields on a contact, now available
  • Ability to add points to a lead via the API
  • Better identification of web visitors using cookies to identify the Mautic contact and further personalize the web experience on the user’s website
  • Integration to Mailjet for sending emails
  • Ability to schedule broadcast emails for self hosted Mautic
  • mPower Focus now available on self hosted Mautic

Finally there are a number of updates that have made development in Mautic even better. Not only are we refactoring our code to make future development and testing easier, the community is also helping us make our code more efficient and has also resolved a number of small bugs.

With every release we want you to build momentum, generating more incredible value for your customers and contacts. The more equipped you are at making relevant, personalized connections with them, the more likely your business is to grow.

Do you have a unique goal that marketing automation could help you accomplish? Share it with us. We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to make meaningful connections.

Mautic 2.2.0 Upgrade Details:

For more detailed information about the release for self-hosted users, please follow this link to the Mautic 2.2.0 Release Notes. Mautic Cloud users have already been updated to Mautic 2.2.0. If you experience any challenges accessing or using these incredible new features, please be sure to connect with us on Slack and the Community Forum.

Thank you for being an important part of the Mautic community!


Derek Silva

Will the MS Outlook plugin support Outlook for Mac? We're finding a big problem with Outlook for Mac support. Lots of plugins available for Outlook, but few for the Mac version. Thanks for continuing to develop Mautic!

Unfortunately at this point, Outlook for Mac is not supported for this version of the plugin. Hopefully we can add this functionality in the future. Thanks for using Mautic and being a part of the community!

Thanks for the awesome work guys! I found Mautic a few weeks ago and I have been loving it!

Mautic has a bright future. Follow in the footsteps of Wordpress. Congratulations to everyone who actively participate in this fantastic community.

Hello, Does mautic have lead forms also?