Mautic 4.4.0: support for PHP 8.0

Today we have made an out-of-cycle minor release. Now we can provide Mautic users with support for PHP 8.0 in the 4.x series.

This should allow Mautic users to update their PHP versions before PHP 7 reaches end of life in November. Also, they can update their PHP versions before updating to Mautic 5 in September.

We have also included several bug fixes, including some regressions which arose in the previous release. The detailed release notes for Mautic 4.4.0 are available.

User-facing changes

Tag import

One of the bug fixed in the 4.4.0 release relates to the import of tags, which were not being assigned to contacts in the import workflow. This bug was fixed and import is now tagging contacts as expected.

Marketplace made easier

Some updates to the Marketplace have made it more user friendly in the 4.x series. For example, there is now the option for a human readable nome, instead of just vendor/repository name.

The Issue Tracker button has been fixed, and an additional button was added to allow for quick access to the documentation.

Users are also given a "clear cache" option if they wait for new version a package, for instance.

Developer-facing changes

Plugin installation

Another fix we want to highlight is on reported errors when installing plugins that have some schema to install. With the fix, Mautic now catches the exception if the table is not present and skips the additional logic.

Unit tests

PHPUnit tests are now executed with a random database prefix as default, if none is defined. This ensures that both tests and functionality are compatible. It is still possible to set a specific prefix by setting the environment variable in the app/phpunit.xml.dist file.  This has been added as recently there were some bugs which came about as our automated tests were not running to check Mautic instances which might have a database prefix.

Help take Mautic to next level

We invite you to help with testing the release and report any issues on Slack in #mautic-4 and/or GitHub. You can also join us each Friday to help with testing new bug fixes, features and enhancements – we can't get things released in a timely manner without your help!

Want to help in other areas? Join the Mautic community! Check out our Community and Get Involved sections.