Mautic Roadmap

Mautic has exciting plans for the future! Below is an outline of the features that we are planning to work on and a rough timeline of when they are expected to be made available.

Some of these features will be community contributed, others may be contributed by an organisation who has built or worked on it as a project for clients and are providing it back to the community.

Timeframes and releases

Since Mautic 3.0, the project has followed a monthly release process following semantic versioning:

  • Patch (bug fix) release monthly
  • Minor (features and enhancements) release quarterly
  • Major (backwards compatibility breaking changes) annually

This means that we will only be considering features and enhancements on a quarterly basis, if one is not ready by the cut-off date (including passing all checks, being tested by the community and had code review) it will be bumped to the next feature release.

Please remember all dates are tentative and proposed focus for each release subject to modification.

Release themes

The following are the release themes for the next twelve months:

image showing the main themes Q4 2021: Forms and campaigns, Q1 2022: Segments, Contacts and Companies; Q2 2022: Channels; Q3 2022: Symfony upgrade and projects; Q4 2022: Plugins

In these quarters we will have two bug fix releases followed by a feature release, focused primarily around the theme. The major release (5.0) will have an alpha, beta and release candidate prior to the general release being made - please help to test these releases!

There will be other things which are ready to merge when the releases are due, they will be included of course. The theme simply gives the release leader the ability to prioritise the pull requests to get ‘over the line’ in time.

Read more about our release planning process and please do join the quarterly calls.

In addition to the broad themes for each release, we have various initiatives, projects and contributions which we are planning to bring into the community at various stages during the year.

You can see these in the embedded graphic below.

Jira roadmap

If you have an active account on our Jira instance, you will be able to see our roadmap embedded below. This will allow you to track the progress of individual projects within the initiatives.  Drop us a line in #community on Slack if you need an invitation!

Roadmap grouped by project

Roadmap grouped by initiative (sorted by due date)

Do you have a feature you’re planning to work on and would like to contribute to the community? Please let us know in #t-product on Slack (get an invite at and we can add it to the roadmap.