Mautic agencies sponsor Open Source Friday community sprints

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED February 01, 2022 · UPDATED February 01, 2022

Mautic is a growing Open Source project, and like any other project we have ambitious goals for the coming months and years.

One of our biggest challenges currently is the large backlog of bug fixes and features which need to be tested, reviewed and approved before they can be made available in a release of Mautic.

At the moment of writing we have 247 of these, waiting to be reviewed.

Our Product Team is doing a great job working toward our target of having all new bug fixes and features reviewed and released within 30 days of being created, but we need a much more substantial effort to work through our backlog.

Open Source Friday Community Initiative

Last week, seven Mautic agencies made the commitment to sponsor members of their team to dedicate their time on a Friday to a regular weekly product team sprint, which will specifically focus on getting these older features and bug fixes ready to be released. 

These team members include developers and marketers - you don’t have to be a developer to help with testing. This Community Initiative is being led by John Linhart, Technical Community Lead.

The Open Source Friday Initiative is open to any other agencies or companies that would also like to sponsor team members to join us. Just drop us a message in #t-product if you will be joining us. If you are not yet on Slack, you can get an invitation at

Every Friday we will be working together in #t-product on Slack - we are opening it as an all-day event as there are people from all timezones joining us. 

At key times during the day members of the core team will be online for help with testing or chatting through any problems which arise, these are:

  • 0900-1000 UTC
  • 1200-1300 UTC
  • 1500-1600 UTC

We recommend using to check the time in your local timezone.

Initial sponsors

Thank you to the initial sponsors for making this Community Initiative happen. These are:

  • Acquia
  • Webmecanik
  • Friendly
  • Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing
  • Aivie
  • QED42
  • Steer Campaign

What does this mean for Mautic users?

This means that we will be delivering more bug fixes more quickly, and also making sure that new features are tested and released in a timely manner. More bug fixes, more features and enhancements, more often.

For developers, this means that all those old PRs will finally be getting merged. Also, when you submit a pull request, we are committed to reviewing, testing and merging it within 30 days. No more endless rebasing, bumping from release to release, or having to unearth months-old contributions when we’re ready to test and merge them. It will take us time to work through the backlog and we do acknowledge that it will be a bit painful in the interim, but please do try to work with us through this process!