Sending Text Messages – A Mautic Minute

One of the great features of Mautic is the ability to send SMS text messages to your contacts. While email remains the most used tool for communicating with people in marketing automation, SMS text messaging allows for instant, personalized communication.

Setting up text messaging in Mautic is simple.

  1. Get an account at Twilio, the messaging provider.
  2. Configure Mautic with the Twilio username, password and sending number.
  3. Create some text messages to be sent.
  4. Include one in as an action an active campaign.

It’s that simple.  You should note that while the stand alone version of Mautic is free to use, Twillio charges for every text message you send.

Watch the video:


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4 Responses

  1. It’s posible use custom fieles in sms texts ? Thanks!

  2. niloy says:

    i need to know is Twilio is free?
    Also do we have to charge for anything?

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