Sending Text Messages – A Mautic Minute

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  1. It’s posible use custom fieles in sms texts ? Thanks!

  2. niloy says:

    i need to know is Twilio is free?
    Also do we have to charge for anything?

  3. It would be awesome to see Mautic implement an Email to Text function where the visitor selects their carrier (at&t, verizon, sprint, cricket… huge list I know) provided the visitor is on one of the known carriers then Mautic can send them text messages as simple as sending emails. The opt-in form could have an option for “Other Carrier” where the visitor could submit who their carrier is and then the person managing the form could look-up the format to use for the email address to update their form to include that carrier for future visitors and add the text-email address for that person. I have heard of some carriers having different email formats ( vs if these were known then it could probably be coded into Mautic to send a text message email to each possible version with a different confirmation URL ( or The customer then clicks the link to confirm their number and at the same time, the system (knowing what code it sent to the different versions of the text-email address) verifies which version of the phone number email address to use for future text messages..

  4. EricGcc says:

    Hi, I just install Mautic in my own server, and I can’t see the “Text Message Settings” option in my configuration page, I don’t know why, I hope you can give some guidance.

    Thanks in advance

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