Mautic 2.1 Sneak Peek - The Campaign Builder

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED August 08, 2016 · UPDATED August 08, 2016

The Campaign Builder is the hub to Mautic's many spokes. It's the glue for every interaction with a contact. It's one of Mautic's real strengths. But as the platform developed, quite a number of options began appearing in the right menu and creating a campaign involved a lot of scrolling to find the item you wanted. Mautic 2.1 changes all that with a new way of adding actions, decisions and conditions.

The New Campaign Builder

What was becoming a very long dialog box down the right hand side of the page is now a contextual click away.


Just click on a grey anchor and a contextual selection box will appear.  Click on the "Select" button and a drop down list of all the options appears.  Its clean, simple and effective.

Watch the video for more!


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