Mautic 2.6: Mind the Marketing Gap

By jseevers · PUBLISHED February 08, 2017 · UPDATED February 08, 2017


I think we all recognize that marketing is not without it’s challenges. As our strategies and tools become more diversified, so do our resources and even our messages do as well. Even though the tactics become more complex, one goal remains; to create a holistic customer experience that reflects our core messages, while catering to our audience on a personal level.

While this goal is admirable it often reveals gaps. We do our best to identify them and work to minimize them. Our social media efforts drive customer engagement. Our email campaigns seek to engage customers all throughout the funnel. But are we truly maximizing each and every touch point - leveraging communications at each stage of the buying cycle?

The focus of the latest product development sprint has been to both eliminate pesky bugs and equip marketers with solutions. Solutions that will help bridge some of these communication gaps and deliver a more holistic customer experience. The new features and capabilities found in Mautic 2.6 will help you create more flexible, succinct and tailored marketing messages for your audience.

Holistic Marketing Messages:

  • Create messages in one place that work across multiple channels
  • Trigger Marketing Messages within a campaign that specify unique communications for individual channels
  • Allow contacts to choose their channel of communications

Enhanced Campaign Reporting:

  • Access brand new data source called Campaigns in the Reports view
  • View metrics on individual campaign components and channels
  • Create reports to understand overall campaign performance

With Marketing Messages and better Campaign Reporting, Mautic will help you begin to close the gaps in your marketing communications. Campaign reporting will give you the metrics you need to assess each area of your campaign, closing the knowledge gap. And with Marketing Messages, you’ll be more targeted than ever, closing the relevance gap and letting your audience know you’re listening.


The incredible features found in release 2.6.0 required us to make some back end enhancements to all Mautic Cloud accounts. This means that some accounts have already been updated, and updates to all remaining accounts will roll out through the end of the week. Thank you for your patience as we work to update all Mautic Cloud accounts. The self-hosted version has been packaged and released. You can find the release notes here. If you have any questions, please be sure to reach out to us via the Community Forums, Slack, help or our social channels (Facebook & Twitter) and we will do our best to answer them.


Jorge Hernández

Awesome Jeff, These are great news, I really appreciate the hard work you guys are doing. Thanks and keep going the great work! Regards!
Edson Medeiros

First, congrats for the improvement! Second, did you "fix" the visual HTML editor? I mean, on the previous version it was not possible to edit the pages, emails etc with wysiwyg editor. Third, just to thank you again. Mautic is a great marketing tool that saves hundreds of marketers lives every day! :D