Mautic 2.7: Improving Usability is a Continuous Process

By jseevers · PUBLISHED March 06, 2017 · UPDATED March 06, 2017

As marketers strive for creativity in the way they engage and connect with their audience, they are continuously looking for opportunities to save time and be more efficient. Who isn’t? We all add resources, tools and processes in an effort to accomplish more. That includes marketing automation.

Since Mautic was first conceived, usability has been a strategic imperative. Each feature and bug fix is designed and implemented in a way that re-enforces our goal of saving time and improving the user experience. Our latest release is no different. It not only checks bugs off the list, the process of automating multi-channel communications keeps getting easier and easier.

Better Salesforce Mapping:

  • Integrations should make sharing information easy. We’ve created a new interface for mapping fields between Mautic and Salesforce that makes the process a snap. Not only that, but you can now specify which system is the master for each mapped field. So if you determine that a contact phone number can only be updated in Salesforce, this data will flow from Salesforce to Mautic and not the other way around.

Improving the Editor Experience:

  • The email and landing page editors have gotten a usability facelift. New types of content slots are available to help create and design the most engaging assets possible. Easily create and add different types of content such as images, text, social follows and gated video. We’ve also included the ability to add multi-column sections giving you more flexibility in designing your page or email.

Release 2.7 saves time and streamlines workflow, making incredible strides in improving usability for marketers. This release is now available for download to our open source community, and is now live for our Mautic Cloud users. For more detailed information on this release, you can find the release notes here. If you have any questions or find new challenges that arise, join our feedback team and reach out to us on the Community Forums, Slack, or social channels (Facebook & Twitter) and we will respond as soon as we are able.


Jorge Hernández

Owesome guys, I missed this editor improvement. thanks a lot for it! Big Hug!

Feature suggestion; Gamify email series by showing a % complete bar depending upon how many emails in the series have been opened.

In reply to by Richard


Thanks for the suggestion Richard! We'd encourage you to head over to our Github page and submit your feature suggestion there.