Mautic 1.4 Update - A Mautic Minute

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED May 10, 2016 · UPDATED March 05, 2020

Mautic released version 1.4 today and we're pretty excited about this update!  Here's a brief overview of the changes.


Mautic 1.4 Dashboard


This release includes more than 6,771 new code additions and 1,142 deletions over a total of almost 800 commits. Digging deeper these changes represent 20 completely new features, 18 enhancements, and 21 bug fixes.

Terminology/Menu Updates:

  • Image
    Mautic 1.4 Menu
    Leads  are now Contacts.
  • Lists are now Segments.
  • A new dropdown called Components contains assets, forms and landing pages.
  • A new dropdown called Channels contains emails, along with two new features: SMS/Text messaging and Web Notifications.
  • Manage Fields moved to the admin menu as Custom Fields (click the gear on the top right side of your administration window).

New Features:

  • A drag and drop widget based dashboard
  • SMS/Text Messaging.
  • Web Notifications.
  • Social Login form field.
  • Javascript based tracking (in addition to the tracking pixel).

Watch the video to see the changes then head over to to see the full details and change log.

A big thank you to the following community members for contributing to this release: @Dcoutelle, @FarhadF, @hissy, @jkuchar, @kuzmany, @LAN-Laurene, @nickion, @nithinga, @pelboxsolutions, @rafas, @Salamek, @sandergo90, @teobogdan87

If you’d like to suggest a topic, please head over to the #support channel and message @imrodmartin.



I like the menu updates. Renaming the fields make sense. Social login forms are great too. Looking forward to upgrading my system and the new features!
Etienne Juneau, PhD

Awesome! Well done. I wish my membership site were build on Mautic. The switch cost is tremendous =/ Perhaps my next site.
Silvio Delgado

Thanks a lot! This update also solved the media gallery JS issue (email composing). Your work is very important to the community!

The mautic upgraded to the the 1.4.1 version and now I think I have to change the cron job in my cpnel of hostgator , however I am unable to find what will be the new command tasks .. Can you help me , please Pro ?
Rod Martin

Hi vanderleia The docs have been updated here: The old cron jobs should still work, but yes, you should update them.

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hello I updated however not work out, you can help me?
Rod Martin

Please join the slack channel for help with the self-hosted version. Thanks!