Keyboard Shortcuts - A Mautic Minute

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED May 16, 2016 · UPDATED March 05, 2020

Save some time with these quick tips!

Keyboard shortcuts are they easiest way to do things faster.  They can save you time by keeping your fingers on the keyboard instead of moving to the mouse to perform certain tasks.  Shortcuts are also very precise!  You know exactly what will happen when you press a key.  Several shortcuts were updated in Mautic 1.4, including one really important one!


mautic keyboard shortcuts

Mautic Keyboard Shortcuts

Global Shortcuts:

shift+d: Load the Dashboard
shift+right: Activate the Right Admin menu
shift+s: Global search
shift+c: Load Contacts
shift+n: Show Notifications

Contact Pages

a: Quick add a New Contact
c: Activate Card (or Grid) view
t: Activate Table (or List) view

The Important One!
shift+?: Opens the keyboard shortcut reminder screen in a modal window

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