Social Integrations in Marketing Automation

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED September 24, 2014 · UPDATED September 24, 2014

Mautic does some incredible things when it comes to social media integrations. We have spent considerable time developing marketing tools which will allow all businesses the opportunity to interact and engage their customers and potential customers on most major social networks. In addition to the social networks we currently support we’re working hard to add more regularly. If you have ideas or ways in which other social media networks can be integrated please share it with our community.

The power of social media is one which previously was held tightly by closed source corporations and businesses were unaware of what information was being captured, reviewed and even used by the software as a service company they were paying each month. Think about that for a minute. If you were paying some company every month for marketing automation software then all the data and information you collected was actually being collected by them. Did you read the terms of service or did you scroll to the bottom of the page and hit accept. If you’re like most people unfortunately you probably did the latter. Worse, someone else in your company signed your business up for the service and most people in the company were never made aware of the terms you signed.

The truth is simple. When paying monthly for a software as a service you are renting your own information. You quit paying and you’ll lose your data. You don’t control the information you collect and you may not be the only person looking at it. We think that’s wrong. We’ve made our marketing automation open source and freely available for all. You can review the code, change the code, install the tool on your own server in a closed and secure environment and never shared with anyone.

Our social media integrations are second to none, and with open source transparency you can review everything collected. Make changes, and make improvements. We are always looking for ways Mautic can be better, stronger, and more useful to everyone. If you make Mautic better please consider sharing that back with the community so we can continue to improve the tool for everyone!


Aju George Kurian

Can you please send me a documentation, on how social listening is done for B2B marketing, in MAUTIC
Martin Rusteberg

Would you mind to share what these social media integrations exactly include? Information is scarce on your site...