Customized Marketing Automation

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED November 15, 2014 · UPDATED November 15, 2014

When Mautic was first beginning one of the constant questions we were asked was if it was customizable. This brings up one of the great things about open source. By its very nature open source is completely and 100% customizable. This means businesses don’t have to change their business to match some tool they are paying far too much money to use. Instead businesses can continue to operate their business as they have always done and implement a marketing automation tool to complement their business strategies and objectives.

Whether you use the customizable fields within Mautic to add, extend, or change the profile fields to match your own or whether you dive deep into the code to change the core functionality of the system, Mautic is able to meet your needs.

Our easy to use system provides business owners and site integrators the tools they need to add custom fields to the various aspects of Mautic. If you need a different point value for a particular action or you wish to track a certain metric you can configure Mautic to do exactly what you need. No programming skills are required for these types of customizations and with easy to read documentation you can make these changes easily.

The second type of customizations mentioned involve changing the underlying code. Here you’ll find the true power of open source software. Find a strong developer and begin modifying the source code to exactly perform as your business needs. If you need a completely new type of integration, an additional metric tracked or even an entirely different aspect of marketing you can do so with Mautic. Your marketing automation has never been so powerful before.

If you’ve never seen this type of marketing automation before then you’re not alone. Before Mautic this was unheard of. Access to the source code was tightly controlled and the ability to make these types of changes was not possible. Mautic provides businesses everywhere with the power to customize their marketing automation. Don’t be trapped using someone else’s marketing automation strategy. Don’t be stuck relying on their development priorities and plans for the future. Use Mautic to shape the future of marketing automation. Be a part of our community and help make a software tool that meets your needs even better.