Mautic Explained: Marketing Automation Forms

By John Linhart · PUBLISHED August 10, 2015 · UPDATED March 05, 2020

We're going to start releasing some short Mautic Explained videos to help marketing integrators as they work with Mautic. Marketing automation forms are the primary ways you will collect information from your users. Mautic has form types to help distinguish where and how you collect this information from your visitors. There are two primary form types within Mautic and in this short video we'll look at both of them.

For those of you who like to read here's a quick breakdown of those two types of marketing automation forms:

Campaign Forms

These forms are forms you will use to collect information as a basis for a campaign. What this means is that the actions you want to associate with this form are handled by the campaign the form is associated with. Your actions will be defined in the campaign builder as part of your overall campaign workflow.

Standalone Forms

The second type of marketing form, a standalone form, is one where you are simply wanting to collect visitor information for your marketing automation platform but then trigger a set of immediate actions to occur. In this case you would want to perform some set of actions a single time immediately upon form submission.

Because of these descriptions you will notice that the standalone form has an actions tab in addition to the standard details and fields tab. This is because you will be triggering actions at the time of submission only. The campaign forms on the other hand may have immediate actions as well as long-term or delayed actions and as a result will have all actions defined during the campaign dripflow.

And here's a video explaining it in a bit more detail:



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