Mautic 2.8: Moving Beyond Email Marketing

By jseevers · PUBLISHED April 25, 2017 · UPDATED April 25, 2017

As marketers we are quick to strategize, then become hyper focused on tactics. Building successful campaigns, targeting the right segment and launching the best creative. We sit in meetings discussing the best use of language and critiquing fonts and visuals trying to solicit a meaningful reaction. While these efforts are all worthwhile, we must always consider them in light of solving the larger challenge.

When it comes to rolling up our sleeves and getting to the business of marketing, we certainly know how to execute. We are trained to ask probing questions to understand our audience, where they are in the buying journey and capturing their attention. This is now becoming true of marketing automation.

“What does the data say?”
“What were the results of the A/B test?”
“Did our content strategy work in the last campaign?”

The list goes on. While we are becoming great inquisitors, are we truly solving for the big why? When we consider marketing automation and its role in our business, we should first reflect on it’s purpose. It's only then that we can fully tap into it's full potential, lest we relegate it to an auto email responder.

We believe that marketing automation should be more than a bolt on solution. It should be an integrated part of your overall business strategy. Our latest release continues to equip your business with the tools you need to bring that strategy to life.


  • Mail is Owner: Emails can now be sent from different senders who are owners of the contact, creating a more personalized experience for your audience. This means if a sales rep is the contact owner, a single email send can appear as though it came from that individual.
  • Tweet Entity: Not all tweets are created equal. Recognizing the vital role of social media, it would be simple to create a generic interaction via Twitter. However this doesn’t support an integrated way of thinking. A new channel called ‘tweet’ is available to create tweets to send as part of campaigns. Unique tweets can be created, modified and managed from this new channel.
  • Campaign Reporting: Channel and component reports can now be filtered for a campaign. A column called campaign has been added to email asset, landing page and form reports to enable the user to analyze these in the context of a campaign. Powerful flexibility that gives you greater clarity in your marketing.
  • Custom Fields: Customizing Mautic to meet the needs of your business is important. And measuring them is even more important. Now you can include your custom fields into your reports giving you more valuable insights.
  • Summary Columns: But it doesn’t stop there. Now you can summarize data in reports using the “group by” feature and calculated fields. What does this mean? This enables the user to create relevant summaries for your detailed reports.
  • Editor Enhancements: The editor continues to grow. We’ve added two new slots to provide even more customization. The code mode slot lets you put in raw html into the builder giving you needed flexibility. In addition, the dynamic content slot can now be created and edited right from the builder.
  • GoToWebinar confirmation link: The GoToWebinar integration has added capability. You can now insert the personalized confirmation link as part of followup emails, creating a seamless user experience.


  • Salesforce
    • Campaigns: Mautic now supports a bi-directional integration with Salesforce Campaigns! You can create a segment in Mautic and trigger a campaign based on campaign members from a Salesforce Campaign. You can also add contacts as campaign members in a Salesforce Campaign from a Mautic campaign or form action. Extending the integration far beyond sharing of contact, account, and lead detail.
    • Contact link: More Salesforce integration support! Now you can map the Mautic timeline link to a custom field in Salesforce to allow users (like your sales team) view that contact’s activities timeline directly from Salesforce. More data at your fingertips to encourage personalized conversations throughout the buying process!
  • One Signal
    • Web Notifications: You can now user your own OneSignal account with Mautic to send Web notifications as part of campaigns.
    • Mobile Push Notifications: Mobile app push notifications are here! Use the One Signal plugin to send mobile push notifications to your iOS or Android app. Now you can create, send and track mobile notifications in Mautic.
  • Twilio for SMS: Mautic can now connect to your Twilio account. If your contacts would like to receive communications via SMS, you can connect your Twilio account with Mautic and send SMS messages as part of campaigns. More integrations mean more relevance and personalization.

Whether you are moving prospects through a meaningful buying journey, or adding value at each stage, each area of execution requires a thoughtful consideration of the larger problem you are solving. That makes the tactics of marketing more significant.

We trust that these features, improvements and bug fixes will enable you and your entire business to respond to to each problem statement with clear focus and attention.

Release 2.8 encourages big picture thinking, while taking incredible strides to bring that picture to life for marketers. This release is now available for download to our open source community. For more detailed information, you can find the release notes here. If you have any questions or find new challenges that arise, join our feedback team and reach out to us on the Community Forums, Slack, or social channels (Facebook & Twitter) and we will respond as soon as we are able.



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