Getting Hired is a Job Made Easy by WorkHere

By jseevers · PUBLISHED April 04, 2017 · UPDATED April 04, 2017

One of the key attributes of Mautic is the ability to integrate with several digital sales and marketing solutions. From web conferencing tools to CRM’s, we are always interested to hear how organizations are using Mautic and leveraging this capability to maximize their marketing.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Mike Seidle, cofounder of WorkHere to learn more about their business and how they use Mautic.

We’ve either been there, or know others who’ve been there. Without a job. With so many solutions designed to help people find them, it’s hard to believe that another solution is needed. But the data has proved that theory wrong. By looking at over 15 years of information from different sources, the WorkHere team saw that individuals were looking for jobs focused primarily on one thing: Location.

And that was the impetus for WorkHere, a mobile application and website designed to help workers with job titles like truck driver, nurse, machine operator, etc. find a job, and find it in their own back yard. While strategically focusing on the state of Indiana, the team worked closely with employers, education, government and the National Labor Exchange to develop a solution to provide access to jobs available online and offline. What started in Indiana has now grown to reach communities around the entire United States.

With its value proposition and business growing, keeping costs under control was an important part of the equation. That’s when they discovered Mautic. And they haven’t looked back.

When the time came to start selling to employers, WorkHere needed a CRM. One of the main factors in selecting Zoho CRM was Mautic’s existing Zoho CRM integration. According to WorkHere’s Seidle, “We were able to use Mautic to build triggered adaptive campaigns that pushed leads right into our CRM. The whole setup took us about 30 minutes.”

“We were able to use Mautic to build triggered adaptive campaigns that pushed leads right into our CRM. The whole setup took us about 30 minutes.” - Mike Seidle

Currently WorkHere uses Mautic for nearly all their end user communication and engagement. They’re able to place forms on their website and in their progressive mobile app, that provides data directly to Mautic, giving them a 360-degree view of when, where and how users are connecting with the service.


WorkHere also leverages the power of campaigns to ensure that users are keeping their profiles up to date and providing the most current information for employers. If a user fills out a profile but forgets to add other information employers would be interested in, Mautic will send out reminders to complete their profile.

Mike and their team of 13 believe they have a great thing going. And the results are showing. In just under a year they have over 42,000 workers and have signed over 100 paying employers, many of them well known high volume employers including household names in logistics, healthcare, retail and hospitality.

We’re excited to see how Mike and the WorkHere team continue to leverage Mautic and their integrations to provide the most relevant opportunities to job seekers. For more information on WorkHere, you can find them at their website,

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Hi Mike What edition of Zoho CRM are you using? I'm looking to use the free (upto 10 users). Do you reckon the free edition has enough features to run smooth with Mautic? Thanks Ketan