Mautic Open Startup Report #5 - August 2023

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED September 27, 2023 · UPDATED October 02, 2023

Key points

  • This month we launched our eagerly-anticipated new governance model and membership options.
  • We are grateful to the 10 individuals and one corporate entity that became members in the month of August.
  • We are constantly striving to tweak our financial processes for the better, as evidenced by our consideration to shift entirely to Open Collective, as a response to challenges with GitHub sponsors.
  • We are seeing steady growth in downloads with Mautic and are now tracking downloads through Composer.
  • The significant activity by organizations and individuals within our community is a potent reminder of the engagement and collaboration that powers our growth.



This month saw us launching the new membership model, with 10 individual members and one corporate member joining in August.

We continue to receive monthly sponsorship on both Open Collective and GitHub sponsors. We are encouraging monthly sponsors to consider becoming a member given the extra parks that they will receive but this may take time and need to align with corporate budget years.

We may decide to completely close down the GitHub sponsors option in favour of completely using Open Collective given the challenges we face with receiving the funds in a timely manner, and the fees involved.  If and when we make this decision we will ensure to communicate it thoroughly.

Description Amount
Income from Open Collective - memberships, individual $1,100
Income from Open Collective - memberships, corporate $5,000
income from Open Collective - monthly $11,345
Income from GitHub Sponsors $950
Total $18,295


You will notice that finally we are starting to see expenses related to employment from - there have been some delays due to issues with the reporting that comes to Open Source Collective from Remote, making it difficult for them (Open Source Collective) to invoice us (Mautic) appropriately. This has now been resolved and we will be invoiced on a monthly basis going forward.

We also had some fairly large infrastructure expenses this month, including our annual fee to use a custom domain on our knowledgebase of $99, and the much larger $1,728 six-monthly fee to use for our meetup groups. We are aiming for this to be deprecated in the future and replaced with our new community portal which is launching soon.

This month also saw two travel expenses, one for me to attend the community sprint in Vienna, and another for a flight to MautiCamp Africa, which was substantially reduced owing to being able to use my accrued airline points to offset much of the cost.

Description Amount
Employment expenses May, June and July 2023 $26,514.59
Custom domain for knowledgebase (annual) $99
Infrastructure $2,087.83
Host fees + Payment processor fee $1839.50
Travel and accommodation Vienna sprint $882.63
Flight - MautiCamp Africa $127.36
Total -$31,550.91



Hats off to these organizations for making Mautic epic and fuelling our growth! Ready to dive into the data?

Here are the last 90 days' stats:

This month’s details available at Mautic | Monthly Report for August 2023

Want your organization to shine here? Start contributing now!

Most active companies

Acquia 147 (⬇️ 14.53%)

Friendly 78 (⬇️ 46.94%)

Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing 61 (⬇️ 33.70%)

Webmecanik 54 (⬇️ 22.86%)

Lead Genius 54

Dropsolid 49 (⬇️ 49.48%)

Moorwald | Sven Döring 32 (⬇️ 17.95%)

Surge Media 26 (⬇️ 39.53%)

Plan Left 25

Aivie 24 (⬇️ 36.84%)

Top contributing companies

Acquia 33 (⬇️ 45.90%)

Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing 20 (⬆️ 122.22%)

Webmecanik 20 (⬆️ 66.67%)

Aivie 11 (⬇️ 8.33%)

Dropsolid 6 (⬇️ 70%)

Comarch 4 (⬇️ 55.56%)

Friendly 3 (⬇️ 80%)

Matic Zagmajster s.p. 2

Steer Campaign 2

Surge Media 2

Contributions are as defined here with the addition of Jira issues being closed as completed, GitHub Pull Request reviews and Knowledgebase articles being written or translated, which we track through Savannah’s API.


Thank you, contributors, for your incredible support and work. Let's give a warm welcome to our new contributors too! 🎉

Most active contributors

Jan Linhart 110

Joey Keller 78

Robin Tindall 54

Mattias Michaux 45

Ethnique 38

Zdeno Kuzmany 35

Shekhar Kumar 32

Sven Döring 32

Michael Wolman 26

Rahul Shinde 22

Top contributors

Jan Linhart 19

Zdeno Kuzmany 16

Patrick Jenkner 8

Adrian Schimpf 7

Saurabh Gupta 6

Mattias Michaux 6

Volha Pivavarchyk 4

Jan Kozak 4

Madlen Friedrich 3

Patryk Gruszka 3

Welcome to our new contributors this month 💖

Dana Linhartová

҉αkα x⠠⠵

Tom Von Deck

Tom McLellan

Ruben Nogueira

Tirtharaj Ghosh

Tomas Votruba


Marcin Czarnecki


Lisa Ridley

Top supporters

Joey Keller 3

Matic Zagmeister 2

Michael Wolman 2

Irfan Hanfi 2

Tom Von Deck 1

Favour Kelvin 1

Dirk Spannaus 1

Leonardo Schuler 1

Sven Döring 1

Ekke Guembel 1


Supporters are folks who have had conversations with people directly before they make a contribution, so most likely helping with that process.

This month we had 11 new contributors 🚀 (⬆️ 37.50%) and 70 new members joining the community !💖 (⬇️ 9.09%)

Usage of Mautic

With a month left to go of the quarter we are continuing to see a steady rate of downloads through

Screenshot showing Mautic downloads over time one line in red showing all downloads and in blue showing unique downloads
 Mautic downloads over time.  Source: asset downloads


We are now also recording the downloads from composer based installations - currently this is quite a manual process and due to vacation we did not capture numbers in August however there is now a chart which is tracking this data.

Screenshot showing all composer packages downloaded over time lots of lines not much that you can really see
 Composer downloads of Mautic/* packages over time. Source:

The Recommended Project and Core-lib packages are a good way of tracking an approximation of the activity, because these are what is used to actually install Mautic with Composer. We will continue to track these numbers going forward.

Community Health

Screenshot showing new active and returning members since the first of January 2020
Member activity in the Mautic community. Source: Savannah CRM

We continue to see a steady stream of new people joining our community, however this does not seem to be a growing trend at this time, rather more stable at around 60 to 80 new members per month. whilst this is great and it means that we are still attracting new people, it's not the trajectory of growth that we would like to see in the longer term.

I'd like to see us start to have a bit of an uptick in this metric, so that we are bringing more and more people into the community. This would be an indication that Mautic is starting to get known by more people, and that those people are interested enough to become a part of amazing community.

We do have some projects in the pipeline around outreach and inbound marketing but we would love some more help with this - if you are interested in supporting this project please join us in #t-marketing on Slack.


In summary, August typically exhibits quieter activity as many people worldwide use this time for vacations with loved ones. Despite being burdened with some financial outlays this month, accrued from the past quarter, they should be realistically spread across the last three months.

We successfully initiated our new governance model and membership options. It's heartening to see immediate community support and patronage. Increasing this engagement is our next quarter's priority, aiming towards financial stability for the project. Appreciation to all for your ongoing support!

To quickly summarize here are some key points:

  • August saw quieter activity due to the vacationing period across the globe, however, significant strides were made in the financial and governance domains of our organization.
  • Despite several  large expenses this month, these should be distributed over the last three months for a more accurate financial representation.
  • We launched the new membership model, and were encouraged by the immediate positive reception and enrolment from both individuals and a corporate member.
  • Our focus for the next quarter is to grow our membership and pursue financial stability through continuous engagement and community growth initiatives.
  • We are profoundly grateful for the ongoing support and encourage active participation in our new projects and community activities.