How to Personalize Emails with One Click or Keystroke

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED July 18, 2016 · UPDATED July 18, 2016

One of the reasons you decided to use Mautic was to build better relationships with the people that come your way.  Sending blanket, boring, cookie cutter emails kind of defeats that purpose!

Instead of an email addressed to "Hi there!", why not say "Hi Rod" - (probably using their first name would be better...).  Mautic makes it easy to personalize your emails, using information from any contact field on their profile.

insert field data in an email

Inserting Personalized Information

In any text area, just type the left brace - { - and the first few letters of the field you want to insert.  For instance, "{fir" would bring up the relevant field code for the first name field. If you'd prefer to use the WYSIWYG editor, click on the insert token link.

Here's your Mautic Minute:


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Tokens work great but how to make sure that FirstName value (after Hello) will not be blank in case first name of some contacts are missing?
Rishit Shah

In reply to by John


If there is no first name for the email, then what will get sent? Blank space or just the {FistName} or anything else happens. Will the email get sent without the first name?

Hi John, just add "|" within the bracket after the token, e.g. "{contactfield=firstname |}" will leave the field empty if no first name is available.