"Powerforming Actions" with Standalone Forms - A Mautic Minute

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED June 13, 2016 · UPDATED June 13, 2016

One of the great features of standalone forms in Mautic is the ability to perform actions when someone submits the form.

form actions on standalone forms
Using standalone forms, you can do the following at the time of submission:

  • Adjust a contact's points
  • Modify a contact's segment
  • Modify a contact's tags
  • Provide an asset to download
  • Push the contact to an integration (like a CRM)
  • Send an email to the contact
  • Send an email to any user
  • Send the form results to anyone

It is important to note that if you use this type of form, you must send the contact to a segment to include them in a campaign later on.

Adding actions to a form is really helpful.  In this Mautic Minute video, we demonstrate five actions, all triggered by a single form submission.  You could create a form that uses all the actions or just one.  It's that powerful.

Watch the video:


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