Mautic 2.0: Glimpse Behind the Curtain

By jseevers · PUBLISHED June 17, 2016 · UPDATED June 17, 2016

Our community is the best there is. Each of you have taken valuable time to push Mautic to the absolute limits. You connect, collaborate and innovate, moving us all forward. All while bringing life to our mission, moving horizons.

The team at Mautic has been watching and listening. Each and every Slack comment, forum question, support ticket and Facebook post collectively let's us know what you care about. We believe that the features found in 2.0 are quite literally, game changers. In anticipation of this release, we’d like to give you a glimpse behind the curtain.


Chart Updates

Gain better understanding of your data via reports, at the click of a button. This enables intuitive analysis of campaign performance.

Building Tools

When we set goals on better usability and saving time, we never stop. Just wait until you get a look at this update!

Under The Hood

Sometimes the best improvements are never visible to the naked eye. They’re in how you experience something. Wait until you experience this.

Deeper Intelligence

Monitoring traffic from more places provides you with greater clarity for your marketing efforts. Now your data has even more intelligence.

Big Picture

When campaigns compliment and connect to a big picture, amazing things happen. The big picture of your lifecycle is no longer in the dark.

Connecting the Dots

Where are you gaining the most traction? New reports will measure campaign success based on touch. You’re welcome.

Be More Relevant

Open source not only means greater capability with other systems in your stack, it also means more valuable data about your buyers. A lot more data.

And there's one more thing. Be on the lookout for the complete announcement, coming soon.



Can't wait guys! I'm so grateful to all of the geniuses behind Mautic for their hard work and for choosing to grow it all through open source. Is there a goal release-date for 2.0?
Quentin Pain

Can't wait. If there is one thing I would absolutely love, it would be that the default email form on includes the typical HTML email table layout either preset at the usual 600 width, or (obviously better) the option to set it. That way anyone could send responsive layout emails that look good on any device straight out of the box without needing to even set a theme. Whatever you do though, I love Mautic. Thank you.

Can't wait to upgrade! Hopefully there is clear upgrade guide and the process is seamless. Great job guy!

Hi, Hope the new build will be more user friendly. From a free version we upgraded to Pro, but except for the test email I sent from the Contact page, the campaign was a non starter! We would love to see Mautic to be the friendliest of MA platforms. Would love to have more info on DKIM, SPF etc.. Thank you!
Jaap van Oort

Can't wait: keep up the good work!!!!

Congratulations to the entire development team!!!