Insert Lead Fields In Emails

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED June 12, 2015 · UPDATED June 12, 2015

Each week we're going to try and share a tip related to Mautic you might find helpful! We'll make them short and sweet and helpful.

This week we're sharing a relatively new feature made available in a recent Mautic release. We know you want to be able to insert replaceable tokens easily in your emails. Now you can, and with a super-cool "hinting" feature! So here's the tip for this week:

Tip: When creating emails in any builder you can dynamically insert lead fields by simply entering a { and starting to type the lead field or value.




How do I (if possible) insert the number of current points in an email - or is this intended to be an internal operational field only ?
John Linhart

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For now, the points are internal scoring, but there is already a feature request on GitHub about placing different content on a website based on a point limit. Your idea is also worth a new feature request I think.

I need help on inserting on email body, Facebook and Twitter links to our website. As I use the {lead feature for Facebook it does not work. Thanks.
TA Mathiba

My short codes are not automatically inserting. What am I missing?

Trying to figure out how to merge FROM NAME in the email? I see signature, but I don't want to field map the entire signature when I'm just tying to say "Hi {contactfield=firstname}‍ , this is Jon Doe... What is the code for John Doe (from name)

Hi, I want input a leadfield called "interested in college". My confusion is should i insert {leadfield=interested in college} or {leadfield=interested_in_college} or {leadfield= interestedincollege} ? which one will work? Please help