Acquia's response to the Mautic Community Manifesto

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED August 27, 2019 · UPDATED February 27, 2020

On 16th August the Mautic Community shared their Manifesto, outlining three key areas where clarity was requested from Acquia.

  1. Commitment to keep Mautic Open Source and GPL, including all future versions

    Mautic remaining Open Source is a key differentiating factor in the market, and Acquia is committed that it will not become close sourced.  Acquia has no current plans to change the license. Any future license change would be proposed at the Community Council and be made in full, open consultation with the Mautic Community.

  2. Immediate action for opening up all communication channels and websites a.s.a.p. 

    Acquia are working hard to support the rectification of problems with existing communication channels.

    Ruth Cheesley, Mautic Community Manager at Acquia, has led the re-launch of the Community Forums (at, and is leading the establishment of a team comprised of Mauticians and Acquians to launch a new website which will be hosted at

    Social media channels have also been delegated to Ruth and she is developing an editorial calendar, inviting community members to contribute to the Mautic Community Blog.

    Discussions and further research is being carried out regarding live chat platforms.

  3. Timeline for an independent NGO as the embodiment of the community (including hand-over of control over community assets like website etc.)

    The Mautic community continues to grow, and with growth comes a need to develop a governance model to enable and empower volunteers.  We want to encourage the community to take up responsibilities and have a say in the direction of the Mautic Open Source project, while working collaboratively with Acquia.

    In acquiring Mautic Inc., Acquia has made a firm commitment to supporting and accelerating the growth of the Mautic community

    What follows is our proposal for developing a governance model which enables volunteers in the community to step up and form Working Groups and Teams around key areas.  

    This model ensures that the community is able to become a steward of the resources owned by Acquia relating to the community.  It also demonstrates how Acquia will be involved in supporting and funding the growth of the community and ongoing future development of the Open Source project.

    View the proposed Mautic Community Governance Model

    We invite comments to be made on this proposed governance model in the Community Forums thread here, for a period of two weeks.  At this point, the thread will be closed to comments and we will review all suggestions made. We will publish any revisions within two weeks for further review.

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Thanks a lot to Ruth and Acquia’s team for that fast answer to the community Manifesto. I believe this is an excellent job and a fantastic progress.
Nevertheless, there is one point in the manifesto which is not 100% clearly addressed:

Timeline for an independent NGO as the embodiment of the community (including hand-over of control over community assets like website etc.)

What is you intention exactly?
IMO, I’d be good with any answer but we need a clear vision of where goes the community please, as mentioned in the paragraph “Transparency” of the manifesto.

  • If you go for it, the manifesto asked for a commitment and timeline.
  • If you don’t go for it, could you kindly explain more in details, the reasons that make you thinking a NGO wouldn’t be the good option for the community?

Thanks a lot again and again!